Luxury Cambodia Tour Packages: Floating Villages and Temples

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Things have changed a lot and travelers show more interest on Cambodia tour packages than before, the reason is very clear as the country is representing the largest religious structure in the world, the majestic Angkor Wat temples located deep in the lush tropical jungles in the edge of the Siem Reap city, however, that’s not all we could hear about this tiny but rich in culture and tradition. In the other hand, the country is located in between the Thailand and Vietnam, two of the most renowned and well performed holiday destination in Indochina as well as Asia.

The mighty Mekong crosses Cambodia from north to south merging with the waters of the Tonle Sap up to Phnom Penh and irrigating and fertilizing the vast central plains. Most of the population lives around these precious freshwater reserves in places sometimes as amazing as the floating villages, subject to the tyranny of floods and decoration of the lake. Cambodia is a country of water, “Water Chenla” pre-Angkorian kingdom together with the “Chenla of the Land” gave rise to the brilliant Khmer civilization.

The temples of Angkor Wat are still the most beautiful testimony of that golden age. Its magnificence attests, like the many shrines Stud today all around the country, the profound religious sentiment that characterizes the Cambodian people. And if religious architecture deserves your interest, what about the profane? See if the houseboats of Kompong Luong or vestiges of French colonial district of the capital, survivors bloodthirsty and radical regime of the Khmer Rouge.

The tragedy left wounds that the country still healing from. It nevertheless open to foreign investment and attract increasingly willing to turn visitors discover a bountiful nature. The coastline is adorned with magnificent beaches. The virgin jungle, sometimes impenetrable and often threatened, is dotted with lakes and waterfalls where you’ll be able to see tigers, bears, leopards, gibbons and hundreds of species of birds, a wealth that leads authorities to multiply the initiatives of a nascent ecotourism in Cambodia as well.

The demand for Cambodia tour packages has been increased since the last few years and nowadays there are a range of luxury and high end resorts, spa treatment, hotels and luxury transportation widely available in both Siem Reap and Phnom Penh.

Let’s talk about the wonders of Cambodia beside the captivating Temple touring, here are some recommendation that you would surely love to see and experience them while in Cambodia, to plan and finalize the following suggestion into your itinerary you will required to have some knowledge about the country and there have been nothing better to ask a local travel experts that are offering Luxury Cambodia vacation packages.

How to organize your Cambodia tour packages

Tonle Sap Lake is one of the lakes of Southeast Asia marked as the largest fresh water lake in the region. The lake is a wealth of fishing source with a well diversity that local people are feeding from. The Tonle Sap River flowing from 5100-5600 years ago, and it provides the 75% of the fish of all Cambodia, the stilt houses are on the lake shore or just built on the waters. The level of the water is varying from several meters between the dry season and the rainy one.

Banteay Srei temple or the temple of pink sandstones, It is a temple dating back to the 10th century, dedicated to the Shiba, the Hindu god. It is about 25 km northeast of the main temples, near the hill of Phnom Dei, although it’s a bit far and it takes about 40 minutes by van, worth seeing, is the best preserved temples and beautiful decor. It is built in red sandstone and although it is much smaller than the others, its reliefs and sculptures is worked in detail with floral motifs and Hindu deities. Unlike most temples, this was not built by a king but by a Brahmin (priest) of royal descent who was the spiritual master of King Jayavarman V. If you are longing to visit this beautiful temple you must ask your Cambodia tour packages provider to include it into your travel plan, because this temple is not in the usual temple tourist of 1 and 2 days visit.

Incredible and unforgettable, Angkor is one of the wonders of the past that are worth visiting at least once in life time. Upon arrival at the complex you will be merged with the large statues carved in stone and behind them, thousands of doors conceal authentic architectural treasures of one of the most important civilizations in the history of Indochina and perhaps whole the world. You can find hidden walls in the middle of nature, old trees rooted and imposed on the stones, and monks will bless you on your way. The main temple, the majestic Angkor Wat is the largest building in the entire historical complex. Contemplate the sunrise over this construction is a unique experience that brings many tourists each year.

The adjoining town of Siem Reap welcome you to the end of the visit so you can rest your journey through the labyrinths of Angkor in one of its traditional restaurants located on wide streets. In addition to its impressive architectural heritage, Cambodia is also known for its rich and varied cultural heritage.

Visit the killing fields of Khmer, located in the vicinity of the capital, Phnom Penh, is a different but very interesting experience that lets you delve into the recent history of the country, still regarded as the main symbol of the oppression of the population and genocide committed by the Khmer Rouge during the 1970s, whose regime fell more than thirty years. Since the 1990s, traditional culture has been reborn slowly with the performances of the Royal Ballet of Cambodia and theater masks.

Cambodia is a former French colony that has maintained its special ties of friendship with France, especially in the world of the arts. Some artists as Franco-Cambodian Rithy Pan participated in this cultural renewal.

The Buddhist population is very friendly with tourists and many of them will not have any problem to explain the true traditions of Cambodia to you. Phnom Penh, the capital, is a city that is in full expansion. Its surface covers an area nearly three times that of Paris.

When in Cambodia tour packages try to visit the markets in Phnom Penh that are the real labyrinths urbanized city where you can find any product you seek as food, clothing, computer equipment or porcelain among others. If you want to buy a Krama, the country’s traditional scarf made from cotton or silk, cost between 2 and 5 dollars. Feel free to walk around the Russian market (which only has the Russian name) to savor a rich spring roll. If you prefer to approach the central market, you will find all much more organized than in other markets, but not nearly as many find traditional objects. The latter market will be able to recognize from anywhere in the city thanks to its striking yellow and gigantic dome.

Despite being a destination less frequented than Thailand or Vietnam, but Cambodia will offer a variety of activities especially designed for the enjoyment of tourists. The Lux Travel DMC Cambodia are very popular boarding south and enjoy the paradisiacal beaches and islands or coastal towns and beaches of white sand and smooth as Sihanoukville, Kep or Kampot you will discover the other side of the Khmer kingdom. Located in the west, the province of Koh Kong, is one of the least visited regions of the country that is great spot for the trekking in the jungles. Waterfalls and elephant rides await you in the north and east of Cambodia area.

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