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Thailand Cambodia Vietnam

Discover three lands of man-made and natural wonders

Discover Our Thailand Cambodia Vietnam

Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam are three of the most alluring and fascinating countries in Southeast Asia. Our Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Tour is well designed to take you through the marvels of culture and wildlife, the past and present tradition, the unrivaled landscapes, and the endless wonder of these countries. From the pristine sandy beaches in Thailand, the ancient cities and temples hidden in the jungles in Cambodia, to the incredible hill tribes, colorful floating markets in Vietnam, you will find the unique and the treasured, the fabled and the masterful as if were created just for you. Hidden within the spectacular flavors or wondrous jungle where temples climb over mountaintops, you will discover surprises and find experience is the ultimate reward.
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Ethnic Minorities

Discover Our Thailand Cambodia Vietnam

Discover Our Thailand Cambodia Vietnam

Our Luxury Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Tours

Travel Guide

1. Fast facts about Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam

Fast facts about Vietnam 

  • Capital City: Hanoi
  • Currency: Vietnamese Dong
  • Official Language: Vietnamese
  • Population: 97 million
  • Total Area: 331,210 km2
  • Boundaries: Cambodia, China and Laos
  • Religion: Buddhism
  • Electricity: 220 Volts, 50Hz
  • Time Zone: GMT +7
  • International Airport: Ho Chi Minh City (SGN), Danang (DAD), Hanoi (HAN), Hue (HUI), Cam Ranh (CXR), Phu Quoc (PQC)

Fast facts about Cambodia 

  • Capital City: Phnom Penh
  • Currency: Riel (US Dollar accepted)
  • Official Language: Khmer
  • Population: 16.48 million
  • Total Area: 181,035 km2
  • Boundaries: Laos, Thailand and Vietnam
  • Religion: Buddhism
  • Electricity: 220 Volts, 50Hz
  • Time Zone: GMT +7
  • International Airport: Phnompenh (PNH), Siem Reap (REP)

Fast facts about Thailand 

  • Capital city:    Bangkok (population 8.3 million)
  • Population:    69.2 million
  • Language:    Thai
  • Currency:    Thai Baht (THB)
  • Boundaries: Myanmar, Malaysia, Cambodia, Laos
  • Coastline: 3219 km
  • Climate: Mostly tropical wet and dry or savanna climate
  • Time zone:    (GMT+07:00) Bangkok, Hanoi, Jakarta
  • Electricity:    Type C (European 2-pin)
  • Dialing code:    +66

No matter how perfect your travel plan is, it would never be successful if there’s no good timing. Especially with Asia tours, as it’s often hard to pick the best time to travel across countries as the weather in each place, even at the same time, is different.  

From October to March is said to be the best time for Thailand Cambodia Vietnam vacation. It is nice with blue skies, high visibility, and little rainfall. It’s the perfect weather for all kinds of travel, from intrepid trips to leisure stay. Either trekking in the jungle or basking in the sunshine on the beach are all ideal to do. It’s cool and chilly in most regions, except North Vietnam. 

Towards the end of the winter, it’s cold in the mountainous Northwest, with the temperature sometimes dropping to below 5 Celcius Degree. So, remember to bring along the coat if you’re about to reach the Far North places like Sapa or Ha Giang.  
Regarding the rest of the year, all three nations are covered with wet and humid weather. It’s hot and humid, and the rainfall volume is high. This might be not so ideal to travel around; however, it will be less crowded, thus being great for those seeking a quiet summer escape. 

How you will travel depends largely on your property of time and money. Depending on your wallet, you can choose to go for a budget or a luxury Thailand Cambodia Vietnam tour. Still, it’s a trip of your lifetime, so we think there’s no reason to hesitate to invest in a high-end trip organized by a luxury tour operator. 
Going on a luxury vacation means you are enjoying the privacy and safety that other kinds of traveling can hardly offer. You will not need to share spaces with any strangers because everything is private for you. 
Additionally, you will have an unparalleled travel program with fewer things to sort out on your own. Our experienced travel consultant will design a detailed itinerary based on your wishes. You will need to worry less, and of course, stress less. That’s to say, there will be more time for you to enjoy your travel. 
The luxury tour operator will also provide round-the-clock customer care whenever and wherever you go. Should any problem happen during the trip, you can feel free to contact them directly to reach for a solution without any hesitation. 

Most famous cities in Thailand


The capital of Thailand deserves to be a big tourist hub in Asia thanks to its majestic colorful Buddhist temples, floating markets, and dynamic street life. This metropolis is the city of contrast where the modern innovation sits side by side with the unbroken tradition. Bangkok is also a famous fine-dining destination with its superb cuisine.  


Pattaya is a hyper-touristy destination to the east of the Gulf of Thailand. Aside from its stunning beaches, the city is famous as a sex capital with a multitude of bars, clubs, and massage parlors. Pattaya is also home to a large expat population, thus possessing multi-cultures.  

Chiang Mai

Located alongside the Ping River, Chiang Mai was once the capital of Lanna Kingdom. This northern city possesses historic and cultural significance with a large number of temples and historical sites. With the authentic Thai vibe, Chiang Mai is the perfect laid-back destination to relax and rejuvenate in your Thailand Cambodia Vietnam tour. It’s home to the famous elephant sanctuaries, too. 

Most famous cities in Cambodia

Siem Reap

Siem Reap is the must-stop for any Cambodia travel packages. It is a gateway to the ancient world with the worldwide famous Angkor temples that stay stills after centuries. Additionally, Siem Reap houses several high-end accommodations, first-class wining and dining, superb spas, and great shopping. 

Phnom Penh

Following the Fall of Angkor, Phnom Penh became the capital of Cambodia. Here exists the harmonizing combination of traditional Khmer culture and French colonial architecture and customs. Phnom Penh is reputable for its marvelous Royal Palace, the mighty Mekong River, and the saffron-robbed monks.  

Most famous cities in Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City

Once the “Pearl of Indochina”, Ho Chi Minh City, also called Saigon, is the biggest metropolis in Vietnam. Saigon is where the past and the modern collide, with the boutique buildings nestling quietly next to the 21st-century skyscrapers. It is also home to several top-notch hotels, dynamic shopping malls, and huge amusement parks. 


With more than a thousand years of civilization, Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam is renowned for its age-old culture and history. You can feel the resilience of the ambitious, proud Hanoians by walking along the narrow streets of the Old Quarter, taking a look at the French-colonial buildings, and visiting many temples, pagodas, and historical sites in town. The city is also the capital of Vietnamese cuisine with several famous delicacies like “pho”, “bun cha”, and “cha ca”. 


This city houses Halong Bay - one of the new Seven Wonders of Nature. Numerous flocks of tourists come there to witness the marvelous beauty of the thousand limestone peaks rising from the emerald waters. Taking an overnight cruise on Halong Bay is voted to be a must-try for any Indochina tours. 


The small town of Sapa is the heart of Northwest Vietnam thanks to its breathtaking mountainous terrain and unique ethnic cultures. It is the premier trekking base in Vietnam, where you can ride motorbikes along the loop across the majestic terraced rice fields and remote tribal villages. You can also ride the cable car to behold the grand mountains of the Far North while being on the way to reach Fansipan Peak - the summit of Indochina. 

Top cultural heritages in Thailand

Thai’s Grand Palace

Located at the heart of Bangkok, alongside the Chao Phraya River, the Grand Palace once served as the residence of the Thai Royal Family and the Court. Nowadays, it is still the venue for significant royal ceremonies and administrative events. The Grand Palace is a top destination that Thailand tours should never ignore. It’s also home to Wat Phra Kaew - the sacred Temple of Emerald Buddha.  

The Historic City of Ayutthaya

Ayutthaya used to be the capital of the Siamese Kingdom. During its heyday between the 14th and 18th century, it was one of the most flourished city and played as a major global diplomatic and commercial center. The city collapsed after the Burmese attach in the 18th century and has never been reconstructed. The ruins of Ayutthaya have been recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its historical and cultural significance. 

Sukhothai Historical Park

This historical park preserves the ruins of Sukhothai - the capital of the same-named Kingdom lasting between the 13th and 14th centuries. It consists of nearly 200 historical sites and traces and 4 large lotus ponds, which are all enveloped by the old rectangle walls.  The Park is home to great examples of sculptures, wall paintings, and decorations of ancient times. 

Top cultural heritages in Cambodia

Angkor Wat

Angkor Wat in Cambodia is the world’s biggest religious sanctuary. It was initially a Hinduism sanctuary dedicated to Vishnu - a god in Khmer culture but later became a Buddhist temple. It is the great representative of Khmer architecture with 02 major plans: temple mountains and galleried temples. Thanks to its cultural and architectural significance, Angkor Wat is the pride of Cambodian people. It even appears on the national flag of this country, also.  

The “Killing Fields” 

Cambodian history has two highlights: the prosperous Khmer Empire and the heartbreaking Khmer Rouge Regime. If Angkor Wat is the pride of the whole nation, the “Killing Fields” is the evidence of the once-brutal past of Cambodia. In the 20th century, this nation fell victim to the Khmer Rouge genocide, when millions of Khmer people were executed brutally. And the series of “Killing Fields” is the massive collective graves where these people were killed and buried.  

Temple of Preah Vihear

The Temple of Preah Vihear is a Hindu temple that is dedicated to Shiva. It is said to possess the most impressive settings among the numerous temples built during the reign of the Khmer Empire. The temple consists of several sanctuaries that are linked by a system of pavements and staircases. This site is the masterpiece of architecture and carvings that you can hardly see anywhere else. 

Top cultural heritages in Vietnam

The Imperial Citadel of Hue

The Imperial City of Hue is renowned as the “Forbidden City” of Vietnam. Situated in the poetic Hue city, alongside the Perfume River, the Citadel was home to the Royal families and the administrative center of Vietnam during the Nguyen Dynasty (1802 - 1945). This complex consists of several monuments and ruins, namely the Inner Capital City, the Royal Tombs, the Flag Tower, temples, pagodas, and museums. It has been designated as a UNESCO Heritage for two times, once for its cultural and architectural significance and once for the intangible Royal Court Music. 

Hoi An

The ancient town of Hoi An was once the major trading port of Asia where traders all over the world gathered to exchange goods. The influences of different cultures are presented in the architectural styles as well as the cuisine of this land. Hoi An is nowadays a favorite tourist destination for Thailand Vietnam Cambodia tours thanks to its irresistible appeal and the easiness to reach from the airport. 

Thang Long Citadel, Hanoi

Situated at the heart of Hanoi, The Imperial Citadel of Thang Long is an intriguing relic of Vietnam’s history and, signifying its historical and cultural importance. Being the political center of Vietnam for more than 1300 consecutive years and served as the capital of the country for 800 years, Imperial Citadel of Thang Long was designated as UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2010. 

This ancient site boats many artifacts and items dating back to between the 6th and 20th centuries. The must-see attraction here is the Hanoi Flag Tower which was built between 1805 and 1812 under King Gia Long. This renovated 40-meter-tall stone fortress offers expansive views of Ba Dinh Square and Hanoi City Centre.

Best beaches in Thailand


This province on the west coast is home to Phuket Island - Thai’s biggest island and another 32 islands and islets. Phuket features sugar-white palm-fringed beaches with Patong Beach and Kata Beach as the most reputable names. Phuket is suitable for all kinds of travel, from backpackers to luxury enjoyers, from couples to families.  

Phi Phi Islands

If you have watched the hit movie “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio, you might for at least some seconds fall in love with the pristine bay that the film features. That place is Maya Bay in Phi Phi Islands. Here exist marvelous limestone peaks, emerald waters, and Colgate-white shores, making the islands ideal places for tropical beach getaways. 

Koh Samui

This beach boasts simple bungalows alongside the pristine coastlines that are fringed with palms and casuarina. Whether you are eager to bask in the sunshine, have a beach party, doze on the hammock, or enjoy the gourmet at a first-class restaurant, Koh Samui has everything to offer. Its poetic beach with soft golden sand is ideal for a luxury retreat. 

Best beaches in Cambodia

Koh Rong

Similar to Phuket in Thailand, Koh Rong of Cambodia is home to plenty of beautiful beaches like Long Beach and Lonely Beach. Koh Rong coastline boats sugary sands which are so soft that you can’t stand crunching your toes. However, as it’s the most popular beach destination, this place is kinda touristy. 


This is the gateway to the cool southern Cambodian islands. Sihanoukville possesses one of the most stunning beaches in this country. Here also exists lots of casinos and tacky commercial centers, which are perfect for chillers and partiers. 

Song Saa Private Island

The best option for a leisure beach stay in Cambodia. The natural settings here are exquisite with tropical reefs, isolated private beaches, and a majestic sunset view. This island resort is ideal for a luxury retreat with a tranquil atmosphere, high-end accommodation, superb spa and yoga, and even more. 

Best beaches in Vietnam

Phu Quoc

This is the largest island in Vietnam and is regarded as the beach paradise thanks to a series of breathtaking beaches that feature white sand, turquoise water, and rich marine life. It’s home to many high-end beach hotels and resorts where you could live your life to the full without any worries about the bustling life outside. 

Mui Ne Beach, Phan Thiet

The less-crowded Mui Ne beach has recently become a top destination for luxury Vietnam tours thanks to its transparent blue water and sun-kissed sandbanks. Many parts of the coastline are private beaches by high-end resorts, thus offering the quiet vibe for a leisure stay. Notably, Mui Ne possesses huge sand dunes that make it look like a little desert by the sea. Here’s said to be among the best places for a sunset view in Vietnam. 

Cua Dai Beach, Hoi An

Nestled quietly along Hoi An coastline, Cua Dai is a famous beach in Central Vietnam that boasts stretching sandbanks and blue sea. This is a favorite place to stay overnight during your tour to Hoi An, Danang, and the adjacent areas. 


Must-try activities in Thailand 

Have a Thai massage

Thailand is not only for island hopping and beach party. If you reach this land, do not forget to try Thai traditional massage. It’s nothing similar to the modern massage you often get in spas. Instead of using oils, Thai massage involves a lot of hitting & smacking to relieve your muscles and joint tension. The masseuse may walk on your body, also. It might be a little bit painful at first, but later on, you will definitely feel freer, looser, and enjoyable. Then you’ll only regret why you don’t try it sooner. 

Explore the floating markets (both Thailand and Vietnam)

Both called the floating markets but the ones in Thailand and Vietnam don’t share many things in common. While the markets in Thailand takes place in small canals amidst the buildings, the ones in Vietnam are held in large rivers. 
Board up a sampan to wander around to feel the vibrant vibe of the local markets and buy home some specialties. Also, remember to sample the delicacies that are served on the boats when taking Thailand Cambodia Vietnam tours to these places! 

Must-try activities in Vietnam 

Cruise the mighty Mekong River

It would be a big loss if you miss admiring the grand Mekong River - the longest and biggest river in Southeast Asia. A Mekong Cruise will sail you through the peaceful landscapes of Cambodia and Vietnam. You will come across the lush deltas, the small towns, the big cities, and the famous heritages along the way. Watching the sunrise and sunset on the boat is a must-try, too. 

Kayak on Halong Bay

Kayaking is a fascinating way to explore the spectacular natural settings of Halong Bay. You will aboard a dayboat or an overnight cruise to sail amidst the Bay, where you could then ride the kayak yourself to reach the corners of this Natural Wonder. You can sail to the floating villages where the locals survive their life and listen to their stories, also. Kayaking is easy to ride and of so much fun, so be sure not to miss it out! 

Go for adventurous trekking tours in Vietnam

The dense jungles of Vietnamese mountains cannot be a better place for adventurous tours in Southeast Asia. Here there are excellent loops to challenge your motorbike-riding skills, jaw-dropping landscapes with colorful rice terraces and marvelous caves, and the interesting cultures of the tribal people. Some should-visit places for trekking tours in North Vietnam are Sapa, Mai Chau, and Pu Luong.  

If you are intrepid travelers that love challenging yourself with adventurous activities, don’t forget to try the fascinating activities below when taking a tour to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam. 

Conquer Fansipan Peak in far north Vietnam 

Fansipan Peak in the Far North of Vietnam, at the altitude of 3147 meters, is the highest mountain in Indochina. It is a top destination for adventurous tours where travelers could reach the summit to catch a panoramic view of the mountainous Northwest. You can choose either to take a cable car and then a mountain train from Sapa Station to Fansipan Station or to trek through the jungles to reach the peak. With the trekking options, it’s a super hard challenge to conquer, but the experiences you will get would make all the effort worthwhile. 

Have a jungle trek in Phong Nha National Park, Quang Binh, Vietnam

If you love to explore the tropical forests then Phong Nha - Ke Bang National Park is the ideal place to spend your Thailand Vietnam Cambodia adventure in. The park is home to unspoiled jungles and marvelous karst caves, of which the beauty could make your jaw drop. Some famous trekking and hiking routes there are Hang En Cave, Tu Lan Cave, Hang Tien Cave, and Son Doong Cave. You are required to have a proven strong physical health to take these tours, especially the one to Son Doong Cave - the world’s largest cave system.  

Sandboarding Mui Ne, Phan Thiet, Vietnam

Sandboarding in Mui Ne dunes is one of the most intriguing games in South Vietnam adventure. Apart from the stunning beaches, Mui Ne is also home to enormous sand dunes that stretch out to the sea. The dunes vary in colors, with the golden and white dunes as the largest ones. Here, plastic sheets for sandboarding are sold everywhere by the local women and kids. This place has been voted to be among the 11 most beautiful destinations for sandboarding in the world. 

Kayaking: Halong Bay (VN), Pha Ngang Bay (Thailand)

Kayaking is an easy-to-try and ecstatic activity to try when visiting the beautiful bays of Vietnam and Thailand. If you are traveling to Halong Bay (Vietnam) or Pha Ngang Bay (Thailand), don’s miss riding the kayak to explore the corners of the emerald bay. With this kind of boat, you could easily paddle through the stunning caves and the isolated lagoons to behold the irresistible beauty of these natural wonders. 

Meet the wild elephants at Mondulkiri (Cambodia)

Mondulkiri is the best jungle trekking destination in Cambodia thanks to its diverse bio-ecological systems. Notably, this is home to an Asian elephant sanctuary. Here, not only can you discover the lush forests but you are given the opportunity to meet the wild elephants. You can feed and wash them, also. 

Waterfall abseiling and white water rafting in Chiang Mai (Thailand)

Get your adrenaline flowing by rappeling down the limestone waterfall and falling into the cool water in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Spend your full days in the unspoiled Mae Taeng River and Wang Thong to make friends with the whitewater. Here you can ride the raft along the untamed river or rappel down the 100-meter limestone waterfall. It’s a challenging yet fascinating way to harmonize with the wild nature of northern Thailand. 

Must-try food in Thailand 

Tom Yum Goong

This is the iconic delicacy that anyone takes Thailand food tours can’t miss. This shrimp soup is the perfect combination of Thai ingredients such as lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, fish sauce, lime juice, and of course, hot chili. Tom Yum Goong is bold, fragrant, and exceptionally spicy, which will definitely fit your taste buds. 

Pad Thai

Pad Thai is the traditional fried noodles of Thailand. The noodles are stir-fried with eggs, tofu, onion, and beansprout and flavored with fish sauce, lime, garlic, chili, and sugar. Shrimp or chicken might be added to the dish to add more flavor, yet the vegetarian version with no meat is popular, too.  

Must-try food in Cambodia  

Fish Amok

Fish Amok is the signature dish of Cambodia. Fillets of freshwater fish are dipped in a mixture of coconut milk, egg, fish sauce, sugar, and “kroeung” - a special Cambodian paste made from lemongrass, turmeric, shallot, garlic, and ginger. Banana leaves are shaped into a bowl, and the locals will put all these things onto it and have it steamed to make the heavenly tasty Fish Amok that appears in almost all Cambodian menus. 

Khmer Curry

Khmer Curry is another delicacy you should try when spending your luxury vacation in Cambodia. That variant of curry is milder and far less spicy than the ones in India and Thailand. It is still a coconut milk-based; however, rather than using many spices, the Khmer people love to add more herbs into this dish. Khmer Curry is often served with baguette - a remnant of the French influences.  

Must-try food in Vietnam  


This world-famous dish is perhaps the first image popping up in everyone’s mind when thinking about Vietnamese cuisine. Varied in taste as “pho” might seem to be in different parts of Vietnam, it is still a dish that would capture foodaholics’ hearts from the very first try. A standard bowl of “pho” needs to have the perfect noodle and tasty & aromatic broth and must be full of meat (beef, pork, chicken, etc.) and veggie.

Banh Mi

Famous as the world’s most delicious sandwiches, “banh mi” is absolutely a must-try for any Vietnam Tours. Viet people filled the French baguette with different kinds of meat, pate, vegetables, sauces, etc. to make a sumptuous “banh mi”. It is crispy, flavorful, and fragrant, thus being able to easily whet your appetite. 
Different places might have their variations of “banh mi”, and “Banh mi Hoi An”, “Banh mi Hue”, and “Banh mi Saigon” are three most famous representatives.  

Best 5 luxury experiences in Vietnam 

See Halong bay on the bird view

With an area of 2,000 square kilometers, scattered all around with more than 1,900 magnificent islands and limestone pillars, Halong Bay is known for its splendid beauty and one of the world’s best natural marvel of all time as well as a long-standing spot in the “bucket” travel list of many travelers. Take a seaplane as one of the unique ways for travelers to perfectly feast their eyes on Halong bay’s scenery, especially with its astonishing 150-300m high flyovers above this stunning wonder of Vietnam.
Amazingly, there is no better way to witness Halong Bay wonderful limestone karsts and caves from the Seaplane. 

Be a King for a night on Emperor Cruises, Halong Bay 

Emperor Cruise was inspired by the lavish lifestyle of Emperor Bao Dai, Vietnam’s last monarch. Cruising artfully, Emperor Cruises aims to bring a truly all-inclusive cruising experience, enjoying every single moment on board, where you are treated like kings and queens with exquisite cuisine, 24-hour room service and an interesting itinerary featuring many fun activities.

Sail the dream with Catamaran Sarita Phu Quoc 

Little princess Sarita - the first catamaran in Phu Quoc is designed and constructed with French elegance and the most advanced techniques to deliver a simply superb experience at sea. With her remarkable volumes and light-filled living spaces, Sarita has all the conveniences you need so you can relax in comfort while experiencing the catamaran’s impressive performance at sea.

Cruising Saigon River aboard Private Monte Carlo Yacht 

Decked out in teak wood and exquisite leatherwork, Monte Carlo comes outfitted with spacious interior living and dining areas. Possessing a harmonious balance between form and function, performance and aesthetics, Monte Carlo is able to comfortably host 10 guests. This luxury yacht boasts a crew of three and a private butler with a champagne picnic for bespoke experience along the Saigon River.

Experiencing the Art of Cruising with Heritage Cruises

Heritage Cruises is the first Vietnamese luxury boutique cruise that sails through the Red River and the Gulf of Tonkin region rediscovering the lost heritage and charm of North Vietnam. Completely focused on simplicity through elegance, Heritage Cruises accommodates 20 suites, designed and manifested in a vintage style with historic collections collected from every corner of Tonkin region. 

Awaken Your Soul Amidst Nature in Amanoi Resort, Vinh Hy Bay 

Combining contemporary elegance with traditional Vietnamese architectural styles, Amanoi Resort is perched over Vinh Hy Bay where pristine jungle tumbles into crystal-clear waters. Named for the Sanskrit-derived word for ‘peace’ and "noi" meaning ‘place’, Amanoi is a tranquil retreat.

Dress code

The very first thing to care about is the dress code. What kinds of clothes should you bring along when taking a vacation to Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam? As you are expected to travel to different places, you’ll need to pack different clothes. Bring along modest clothes that do not reveal much skin to wear on culture trips to the sacred temples and historical sites. In contrast, for days spent on the beaches, bikinis are a must-have. Furthermore, remember to bring sports outfits for adventurous Southeast Asia trips. 

Similar to clothes, travelers need to prepare different kinds of shoes, sneakers, and slip-on to be suitable for different kinds of travel. Sandals and shoes are suitable for a gentle stroll but if you are about to walk or play a lot, the sneaker is a much wiser choice.  

Personal stuff (sunscreen, hygiene stuff, etc.)

Of course, remember to pack your personal stuff such as sunscreen, hygiene stuff, repellant, etc. These things are provided at the hotels and resorts already, but for kids and those with sensitive skin, using your own is better. 

An internet-connected phone and camera

To keep connected with the world outside, make sure your phone is accessible to the internet. With the internet, you can easily keep in touch with other people, use Google Maps, or instantly share a photo on your social networks.  
Besides, for photography enthusiasts, a good camera is necessary to make sure you won’t miss any beautiful scenery during your Thailand Cambodia Vietnam tour. 

A culturally respectful attitude 

When in Rome, do as the Romans do. You should be culturally respectful whenever and wherever you go. These countries have their distinctive customs and etiquette; thus, make sure you acknowledge them and follow their tradition so as not to behave offensively.  

A smile and an eagerness to travel

Last but not least, pack your eagerness to travel. With a willingness to go and to try, everything during your vacation would be much more joyful and memorable. Hang on a smile, and every problems, difficulties, and hesitation will be resolved. In contrast, if you hold a negative attitude, then your trip will no longer be enjoyable.  

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Fabienne C @Tripadvisor Luxury Travel organized for us a 23-day trip from North to South Vietnam in July/August 2019 for the 3 of us (2 adults + 1 12-year old). A fantastic experience, 100% recommended! We are demanding travellers and like the agency listen to us, interesting in our hobbies, what we like, etc. Thom, who organized our travel (all in Spanish if you need it!) has been very responsive, asking good questions, taking our comments into account and customizing the tour in a wonderful way. Vietnam is a very touristic country, even though, she has been able to propose alternatives tours or places where you do not cross a lot of tourists. We like nature and adventure and she found great activities as kayaking, trekking, ziplining and even discovering a huge cave as speleogists, just the 3 of us with a guide! Everything very well organized, you just have to enjoy without thinking about logistics or delays or quality. It was perfect and we had a wonderful time in Vietnam, a lovely country. Thank you so much and see you soon for another country!!!

Best Holiday Ever to Thailand Cambodia and Vietnam

Andrew Parrott I'd like to start with you Chu Thi who had been always there for help and getting everything done before our trip. You were so helpful in spotting our issue with our passport and many thanks for that. Your organising of our whole trip and tailoring to our needs was so easy which is all down to you. When we were planning you always gave responses quickly even we had so many questions. You are a credit to your company and we thank you for making our trip so good. The trip was a multi trip to many different places and countries but we never felt tired from travelling and worrying about hotels or travel to and from airports. Everything was taken care so we could fully enjoy the beautiful counries of Cambodia and Vietnam. The hotels were of excellent quality and some were breathtaking siam siam, silverline jubilee and the pelican cruise were amazing the staff and the decor the food was very good. The tour guides we had were also brilliant each of them were so tentative and really made us feel welcome and safe whilst enjoying the brilliant places we visited. They took care of everything we did through arranging local restaurants away from tourist areas which were amazing, to getting tickets and giving us a personal tour of each magical venue. So many thanks to Dalith, Sa, Mr Ming, Katie and Khun for making us feel so welcome and taking very good care of us. They are exceptional people who are warm, knowledgable and very funny. This holiday would not have been as good without these guys.

A great trip with Luxury Travel

TrinityClar @Tripadvisor Hello Long, I am glad that you got the gifts, enjoy it. We are back in Canada. I just want to thank you again for working with me to plan a great trip. Everything was well done. We were very pleased with all our guides.I hope that they enjoyed being with us too. The guide, Thu was fantastic! The tour was great!

Trustworthy agent

Jack Y Just completed 16 days tour of Thailand Cambodia Vietnam with lux travel. Booking process... Efficient, smooth. Tour.... Pleasant with nothing remiss Services... Friendly, proficient. Food... Not quite delectable but reasonably appetising. Accommodation.. Tops, but we paid for it, so that's fair. Overall, an 8+ out of ten. Will be booking Myanmar tour with lux travels nov. Dr yik


Tour262672 @Tripadvisor Thank Chu Thi Hao for this experience and luxury travel for giving us such a holiday we will never forget for the rest of our lives. I hope we keep in touch and if you guys do other countries in asia that we want to visit. You guys will definitely be one to contact to arrange.
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