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Who We Are

Lux Travel DMC - The Leading High-end DMC in Southeast Asia

We are not a tour guide, we create unique experiences

Lux Travel DMC was founded in 2005 by Mr. Pham Ha, a passionate traveler, and entrepreneur. With nearly 20 years of experience in the travel industry, he is a keynote speaker and luxury travel expert in Vietnam and around the globe. When Pham Ha saw the need for a tour company offering services that would specialize in high-end travelers, he didn’t hesitate for long. That’s how the idea of creating a travel company with an emphasis on ultra-luxurious experiences, private guides, and bespoke holidays came to life. As a lover of Arts, Writing, History, and Culture, Pham Ha created personalized tours with an immersive approach to traveling.
Following this idea, Pham Ha also designed the Lux Travel DMC University programs for his colleagues to give them the most accurate training when serving high-end travelers from all over the world. The most crucial part of the business is through the travel agents, who advise and read on to the needs of the travelers. Everyone working at Lux Travel DMC has customer care and service skills without equal. Our Tour guides speak many languages and everyone, from managers, marketers, travel agents to guides and chauffeurs has one thing in mind: Touching Hearts of every traveler that chooses Lux Travel DMC.

Why to choose us?


At Lux Travel DMC we design customized travel services for leisure, business travelers, and MICE. We operate our own fleet of luxury vehicles and provide access to all kinds of luxury transports. Our team will be your personal experiences manager creating an authentic and 100% tailor-made holiday.

Local Travel Experts

With more than 20 years of experiences, our knowledgeable staff will advise you in finding the most suitable and wonderful itineraries according to your tastes and their extended knowledge of each region. We bring to you the best holiday without any middleman cost.

Unique Experiences

We understand that you are unique and will make sure that your journey is exceptional. With distinctive activites, off-the-beaten track destinations and immersion in local life, our travel packages are above all, experiential.

Creating Authentic Experiences For Discerning Travelers.

Creating Authentic Experiences For Discerning Travelers.

Xin chào and welcome to the Lux Travel DMC!


Travel is not merely a journey; it's an exquisite tapestry of destinations, experiences, and memories. At Lux Travel DMC, we are your guides through this tapestry, offering luxurious, adventurous, and MICE (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences, and Exhibitions) travel experiences. Our expertise spans inbound and outbound travel to and from Asia, making us your gateway to a world of possibilities.

In the fast-paced world of travel, we believe in slowing down and savoring each destination. Our travelers embark on journeys of discovery, relaxation, indulgence, and cultural immersion. We encourage them to dive deep into the heart of each country, unveiling breathtaking destinations that leave them in awe. This year, we proudly expand our DMC services in Asia under the esteemed LuxGroup umbrella.

What sets Lux Travel DMC apart is not just our commitment to delivering happiness, but our unwavering dedication to achieving 100% customer satisfaction. Our solid infrastructure and sterling reputation form the foundation upon which we build extraordinary travel experiences. With a global presence, a fleet of luxury vehicles, five-star cruises, boutique hotels, and a team of seasoned travel experts, we've been privileged to serve thousands of satisfied luxury travelers year after year. Our aim is always to surpass expectations.

#TouchingHearts is not just a hashtag; it's our mission. Our team, comprising locals and expatriates, strives to understand and anticipate your every need. Through close collaboration with agents and tour operators, we curate authentic luxury travel experiences. Our expertise, know-how, and robust infrastructure ensure that we not only meet but exceed your expectations.

We're thrilled to share that Lux Travel DMC was honored as Asia's Leading Luxury Tour Operator 2023 by the World Travel Awards. This accolade marks a milestone in our 20-year journey of leadership in luxury travel and innovation. Our commitment is to endure, and my personal mission is to deliver happiness. We eagerly await the opportunity to collaborate with you and extend our award-winning and heartfelt services to you and your guests in Asia.

Xin cảm ơn,

Mr. Pham Ha
Lux Travel DMC

Having opened in 2005, we were the very first luxury tour operator and DMC in Vietnam.  Based in Hanoi, with offices throughout Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, and Thailand, we also have our own luxury vehicles, and representative offices in California, London, Berlin, and Sydney. Our company speaks your language having a polyglot team. We operate with confidence from our 20 years of experiences and solid partnerships fulfilling the most sophisticated client.

We specialize in custom-made holidays. We provide high-end services for leisure travel, business travel and MICE serving a wide range of luxury travelers from 1 to 1000 people.

We can set up the perfect tailor-made holiday for couples and honeymooners, families, group tours, foodies, golfers or wellness and spa enthusiasts as well as many other travel interests. We take into consideration every little detail such as mobility issues or dietary restrictions and choose the most appropriate accommodation for every type of travelers.

We invest a lot in product development, and constantly keep you up to date on the latest tours and trendiest products available in the region. Each tour is designed to capture the crème de la crème of culture and food in each region, allowing travelers to really get a feel of the places they visit. We live in the countries that we serve, and love Southeast Asia, which is why we strive to ensure that travelers experience the best of each country we specialize in.

We serve today’s most sophisticated travelers that seek the best of the best when traveling. We have long-established relationships with our local luxury suppliers, ensuring not only competitive prices but also a tested and approved quality service. To ensure the comfort of our travelers, we always use private transport when traveling by road.

We are a 100% fully registered and privately-owned Vietnamese company. Our industry and consumer awards are the testimony to our excellent reputation and unbeatable experience in the region, and much of our business comes from referrals and business network recommendations. We’ll help travelers satisfy their passion for travel by sharing our insider knowledge, while our connections will get them access to unique places and one-of-a-kind experiences. Our customers have given us great feedback, and you can tell by our reviews on TripAdvisor. The company is proud of its 99% satisfaction rate and we have a repeat client rate of over 60%.

Our mission is to lead the way in promoting sustainable tourism practices that respect and preserve the environment, uplift local communities, and provide enriching experiences for travelers. Through our initiatives, we cultivate sustainability awareness and actively involve our customers, travel partners, and local communities in building a sustainable society. We achieve this by minimizing environmental impacts, promoting local culture, and sharing the essence of heritage, history, fine arts, and cuisine with both local and global audiences. We are committed to conducting our business with professional ethics and being a positive contributor to the well-being of local communities and society at large.

Sustainable tourism is based on 6 main pillars: protecting ecological resources, maintaining social and cultural responsibility, creating good jobs for local people, contributing to economic development, satisfying customers, and operating a profitable business.

We define sustainable tourism as protecting the environment together, creating a more beautiful place for people to live, and crafting a more beautiful place for travelers to visit and experience. We ensure cultural preservation by promoting local heritage, customs, and practices.

We are committed to conducting business with professional ethics, promoting the culture and lifestyle of the local people, and introducing the quintessence of local heritage, history, fine arts, and cuisine to the local community and domestic and international travelers.

We use local human resources, train and develop working standards, pay stable salaries, and ensure social security for local people. We contribute to local and national socio-economic development in order to create jobs, reduce poverty, and provide the best possible working conditions.

We claim the guest’s rights with 100% customer satisfaction. As a guest of Lux Travel Dmc you have the right to:

  • Enjoy a unique and authentic experience with the most impeccable and memorable service.
  • Enjoy superior service (attitude + art of serving + efficient processes) from competent tourism workers (attitude + skills + knowledge).
  • Make your own request and get responses to inquiries within 24 hours.
  • Be taken care of by all staff with respect, safety, privacy, and quality; and be treated equally with respect and integrity.
  • Be 100% satisfied with your traveling experience, and enjoy courteous, enthusiastic, and attentive customer care.

At Lux Travel Dmc, our passionate team serves heartily for the worthy experience. Our biggest goal is to go beyond expectation and ensure customer satisfaction.

As the first high-end tour operator in the luxury tourism industry in Vietnam, we not only want to capitalize on our position, but also develop and grow from it. Through joint ventures and acquisitions of small niche companies in the luxury services industry, we strive to provide world-class luxury services in Vietnam and elsewhere. Our vision is to become the leading tour operator and DMC in Vietnam and one of Asia's leading luxury tour operators by our 20th anniversary in 2025, with a possible IPO thereafter.

Lux Travel DMC, Vietnam’s First Luxury Tour Company, offers you carefree luxury travel so you and your family can focus on the fun, not the details. Challenge your skills at the country’s most spectacular golf courses. Soak up the sun while being soothed by the sound of breaking surf. Hunt for high-fashion couture in the most elegant cities of Vietnam. Envision any vacation experience you want; name it, we deliver it in style.

Beaches, signature golf, spa destinations, fine cuisine, adventure, romance, tours to magnificent cities, family-friendly retreats, and sublime cultural experiences- the world of travel awaits you. Fly on a chartered plane or by helicopter, stay in an exclusive resort, a private-charted junk cruise in Halong Bay, luxury vacation home or a private residence club.

Lux Travel DMC, with head office in Hanoi, Vietnam is a 100% fully registered and privately-owned Vietnamese company. It was founded by luxury travel specialists since the 1990s when Vietnam had just opened its doors to worldwide tourism.

Our company is a fully-licensed and accredited full-service travel agency and inbound and outbound luxury tour operator. We are Vietnam’s First Luxury Tour Company. Our company excels in business and leisure travel. We offer services not only for tour operators and travels agents, MICE planners but also for leisure-free independent travelers worldwide.

Our Main Operations are:

  • Luxury Outbound Tour Operator
  • Luxury Inbound Tour Operator
  • Full Travel Service Agency
  • Culture Tours
  • Private Yacht Cruises
  • Family Travel
  • Romance
  • Wellness and Spa
  • Golf Holidays
  • Luxury Adventures
  • Custom Tours
  • Luxury Hotels/Villas/Boutiques Hotels/Resorts Reservation Service
  • MICE Travel Event, Meetings
  • Online/Internet Travel Service
  • Private Travel Arrangements for VIP Stars and Celebrity, Royal and Government
  • Sports Holidays
  • Luxury Transportation
  • Private Jet, Air Plane/Helicopter Charter
  • Limousine Service
  • Luxury Car Rental

For your reassurance, we are partners with numerous travel agencies and tour operators around the world, serving discriminating travelers. Many of them become our referrers or repeated clients.

We have won numerous travel awards, are proud of being a member of PATA, PATA, VITA, VECOM, and being designated by (VNAT) Vietnam National Administration of Tourism as their International Luxury Tour Operators and independent full travel service agency under the license 01-074/TCDL – GPLHQT.

We value and welcome all opportunities to work with travel colleagues around the world as their exclusive local tour operator in Indochina and the neighboring countries.

Meet Our Team

All of our travel consultants follow a specially devised training program to develop their expertise in all aspects of travel and customer service. We personally check the hotels, resorts, and restaurants, and listen carefully to our client’s requirements in order to deliver the right itineraries and experiences.
We are committed to operating with the highest standards of service and professionalism while continuing to improve on the qualities that make us not just good, but great.
Mr. Pham Ha

Mr. Pham Ha

Founder / CEO
Tourism is based on creating memories and memories come from unique and captivating experiences. We claim the guest’s rights with 100% customer satisfaction. My personal mission is to deliver happiness with Passion, Purpose, People, Planet and Prosperity.
Ms. Doan Van

Ms. Doan Van

Managing Director
Traveling and having personally touched experiences of luxurious services; exploring new, attractive and unique products at each destination is my great passion during the last two decades of working in traveling industry. For me, traveling is all about memories and experiences.
Ms. Thom Nguyen

Ms. Thom Nguyen

Sales Manager - Spanish Market
"We have only one life to live," so I always appreciate and enjoy every moment in my life. I love traveling and working in tourism. I am dedicated to listening to the needs and creating dream trips in Vietnam and Southeast Asia for my dear clients."
Ms. Trieu Hoa

Ms. Trieu Hoa

Sales Manager - German Market
Dear travel lovers, I'm Hoa and I'm from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam. Traveling is really my passion and that's why I worked as a travel consultant at Lux Travel DMC after my studies. I wanted to introduce my beautiful country to all travelers from all over the world.
Ms. Quynh Trang

Ms. Quynh Trang

Deputy Manager - German Market
Warm greetings from Vietnam! my name is trang With a great passion for travel, I would like to introduce you, travel lovers, to the beauty and hospitality of my country. Tell me your travel wishes and I will realize a trip for you that is more than what you expect
Ms. Khanh Trinh

Ms. Khanh Trinh

Travel Expert - English Market
I’m proud to represent Lux Travel DMC and to help you find your perfect vacation. Before you book elsewhere, check with me please! You will receive added benefit of booking with Lux Travel DMC as well
Ms. Thanh Huyen

Ms. Thanh Huyen

Travel Consultant
If we were destined to stay in one place, we would have roots instead of feet. So we change! To LIVE, to taste the experience to the fullest, to welcome with impatience and without fear an unprecedented and richer experience.
Mr. Dang Nam

Mr. Dang Nam

Sales Manager - Italian Market
I have spent over 5 years to travel and explore amazing countries in Asia from the most well-known places to the unknown places to have deep understanding and search for new unique experiences that all I want to share with our guests now who one to discover the authentic of Vietnam.
Ms. Huong Pham

Ms. Huong Pham

Operation Manager
Hello, my name is Huong Pham. My hobbies are travelling, shopping, cycling, walking and playing tennis. I am here with my operations team to ensure that you have a memorable vacation in our country with our company.
Ms. Emily

Ms. Emily

Product Supervisor
With more than 20 years of experience and first-hand knowledge of Southeast Asia, I have the expertise, skill, and insight to take guests on a journey that is creatively curated and expertly managed. Passionate about showcasing the rich cultures of Southeast Asia, I'm constantly innovating to create one-of-a-kind experiences that are both inspiring and creative, made available only to our valued customers.
Ms. Huyen Nguyen

Ms. Huyen Nguyen

Growth Business Development Supervisor
Lux Travel DMC is like my second family, where I've worked for nearly ten years. I have a profound passion for travel and have learned and grown through my journeys. My greatest desire is to contribute to sustainable tourism development and community growth. I believe many others share the same my vision. Together, for sustainable tourism with Lux Travel DMC Team!
We know you are unique, so we're here to create unique experiences for you

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