A Guide to Phnom Penh’s Royal Palace, Cambodia

by Minh Tâm
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1. Phnom Penh’s Royal Palace Introduction

Location: Located in the heart of Phnom Penh – the capital of Cambodia.
Opening time: from 7:30 to 11:30 and 14:00 to 17:00
Entrance fee: 10 USD
Best time for visiting: In low season.

Cambodia’s Royal Palace is a highly-recommended beauty spot for tourists visiting Phnom Penh – the 100-year-olds capital of Cambodia.
This palace is considered one of the most well-known royal palaces in the world for its striking and beautiful architecture. Known as a national historical witness, the royal palace is not only famous for its ancient beauty but also attractive to tourists from all over the world as it can offer an insight understanding of Cambodia’s History and Culture.

2. Royal Palace History

Located in the center of capital Phnom Penh, the Cambodian Royal Palace was built in 1866 to become the accommodation for Cambodian Royal. After 7 years of construction, this palace was officially completed. Years later, some new structures were added to the whole complex such as the Chanchaya Pavilion and Throne Hall. The Royal Palace is now well-maintained and in its perfect stage, all the signature structures are well-preserved and look like the day it was built.

Phnom Phenh Royal Palace

Source: Luxury Travel

3. Royal Palace Highlights

Usually described by one word – stunning, this palace possesses a triking attractiveness that can not be seen outside Cambodia. Inspired by Khmer architectural style, the palace is one of a few remained structures in Cambodia which still preserve the soul and beauty of ancient Khmer history and culture.

Phnom Phenh Royal Palace

Source: Luxury Travel

In the sunlight, the whole complex sparkles like a natural diamond thanks to its color that is a harmonious mixture of pristine whites and lavish gold. The most famous architectural feature of this complex is its high towers – a signature style of Cambodia creating a unique look compared to other Royal Palaces.

The Royal Palace consists of many magnificent structures such as Silver Pagoda, Phochani Pavilion, Throne Hall, Hor Samran Phirun, Hor Samrith Phimean, Flower Garden, Damnak Chan…which are separated from the outside world. Following is a list of some must-visited palace buildings which are opened for tourists to visit.

Silver Pagoda – a great treasure of Buddhism with priceless items from different ancient kings and a huge gold Buddha statue.

Phnom Phenh Royal Palace

Sliver Pagoda | Source: Luxury Travel

The Throne Hall impresses tourists with its outstanding beauty and its ceilings are all decorated with sophisticated patterns and artistic pictures along with a mighty bronze King Sisowath tatus.

Phochani Pavilion is used as a center for artists performing in the past. Opposite with the splendid look of the Throne Hall, this Phochani Pavilion is huge and has a quaint and soulful beauty. Now it is a place to welcome VIP guests and organize royal meetings or conferences.

Hor Samran Phirun is a gallery that displays many valuable gifts from foreign leaders.

Hor Samrith Phimean – a place for national costumes and symbolic royal heritage.

Napoleon III Pavilion – where displays all the important photographs and memorable events of the country.

Phnom Phenh Royal Palace

Napoleon III Pavilion | Source: Wiki

 Damnak Chan – a great combination of Western architecture and traditional Khmer style and used as the king’s workplace.

Flower Garden – a collection of all the precious and beautiful flowers enhancing the beauty of the Royal Palace.

Like precious jewelry of Cambodia, no word can describe the heart-breaking beauty of Cambodian Royal Palace. So why not visit Cambodia and experience the real beauty of this special palace? It is time to pack your case, book a tour then enjoy the most interesting adventure with your loved ones! And don’t forget to share your experience with us. We thank you for any contributing ideas about this topic.


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