Cambodia Tourism Recovers Despite Appearance of Omicron Variant

by Huyen Nguyen
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The recovery of Cambodia's tourism industry has had many positive signs in spite of the appearance of the Omicron variant. The number of travellers wanting to travel to welcome the New Year 2022 has increased significantly. That leads to the country's "smokeless industry" flourish.

1. Cambodia Tourism has recovered significantly after reopening

According to the Ministry of Tourism’s data, a total of 1,145,141 people traveled in Cambodia during the New Year 2022 holiday last weekend. Specifically, the total number were 5,754 foreign tourists. That was an increase of 63.65% compared to the same period in the last year. Siem Reap and Phnom Penh have been the most visited destinations.

After the third wave of COVID-19 pandemic lasting more than 10 months, the authorities of Phnom Penh and the officers of the other provinces reorganized community activities. Those included concerts to celebrate the New Year 2022 to attract visitors. In Phnom Penh, according to preliminary statistics of the city government, more than 360,000 people have visited the main tourist attractions of the capital such as Koh Pich, the riverside area opposite the Royal Palace, Chroy Changvar area, Stadium.

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Group of advanture travelleres enjoy taking photo at South gate of Angkor Thom in Cambodia | Source: Lux Travel DMC

According to Cambodia Tourism Minister, tourist attractions in the country have welcomed a large number of travellers. In detail, Cambodia hotels, guest houses and resorts are almost fully booked. Besides, these tourist attractions all complied with general regulations on epidemic safety to ensure the safety of visitors.

2. Omicron cases were under control. Cambodia vaccination ranks first in Asia.

On December 14, the Cambodian Ministry of Health announced the first case of the Omicron variant. The case was from Ghana. She transited Dubai, Thailand and then returned to Cambodia on December 12. As soon as entering the Phnom Penh International Airport, she was under the prescribed health measures.

Total number of Omicron measurement cases detected in Cambodia has been 33 cases as of December 28. Both of the latest variant Omicron cases in the country are imported.

In terms of vaccination, Cambodia ranks first in the region and the world in the rate of vaccination against COVID-19. According to data updated to November 6, Cambodia has a higher rate of vaccination against COVID-19 with more than 16 million people. That is higher than many other countries in Asia. Besides, as of November 3, 2021, Cambodia had vaccinated at least two doses for about 82% of the country’s population, ranking first in Asia.

Starting in October 2021, Cambodia has started giving people a third booster shot. The country aims to fully vaccinate 91% of the population, of which nearly 45% of 5-year-olds have had at least one shot. Thanks to a strategy of quickly and effectively spreading the COVID-19 vaccine, Cambodia has had 35 normal days with a continuously low number of COVID-19 cases.

3. What you may need to know when traveling to Cambodia

Cambodia has reopened to foreign visitors since last month. Moreover, the Government announced safety requirements as well as quarantine hotels for travellers. We would like to give you more detail about the reopening information, requirements and 5 quarantine hotels under the permission of the government here

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