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Not all Cambodia tour packages are around the Majestic temples of Angkor Wat, of course there are many sites and specific attractions to include into your luxury travel to Cambodia for a different experience beside your usual touring in the country some travelers shown more interest on the adventure trails and the trekking through the lush jungles, in such it is exciting to go deep into the jungles and lost in the foliage of an infinite tropical forests that hides the origin of life. Within it the true essence of the world plasma, unspoiled nature, which every one of us proceeds. The forests of Mondulkiri embrace this idea and still harboring animal species such as tigers, bears and leopards, which are hidden behind the thicket which hardly could be seen. Actually there are very few of them reminded.

What better than discovering the jungles on the back of the elephant, the Mondulkiri will definitely gives adventure travelers the precious experience and an adventure exploration that last forever, you will truly get deep into the real nature of Cambodia, just make sure to plan and finalize your trekking through a reputable Cambodia tour packages provider and specially with a private local guide who knows the area well.

The jungle trekking on the back of an elephant is something really unique and I highly recommend it to anyone with any traveling style and experience, for the trekking you must heading first along the main road that divides the villages near the Mondulkiri.

Elephant trekking through the Angkor Wat Complex

The first thing to consider is access to the temples, you must consider how many temple and for how long you want to visit, to be honest this is something that is back to your personal traveling style and experience, you will soak up at the grandeur of its history and the architecture, however, in order to make the elephant ride in Angkor Wat complex you need to wake up early in the morning, just as the elephants, however, you must know that this beautiful monster animals are very well respected in Cambodia and cannot work for more than few hours per day. The lines to get the ride on the back of this beautiful elephants are sometimes very long due to the demand and sometimes facing the large group tours, however, each elephant will carry two person on his back and you will be touring around the temples for few hours, it’s fabulous experience which must be arranged in advance by yourself, or if you travel on a Cambodia tour packages then you must ask your travel agent to include it as not all Angkor Wat tours are supported by the elephant ridding.

adventure cabodia tour packages

From around the route to Bayon Temple, you can see many tourists enjoying the elephant ridding, they are well maintained and almost all of them know the trails. The Elephant ridding is imposed along the way between, buses, cars, motorcycle taxis or tuk tuks.

The Terrace of Elephants at Angkor Thom complex in Cambodia is not the most familiar places, but well worth a stop and to take a moment of contemplation. Angkor Thom is a complex of 10 square kilometers and the Terrace of Elephants is a vestige more to record the greatness that reached the Khmer empire. More and less, that Angkor Thom was host about one million inhabitants in the twelfth century.

This power was firmly established as a superb army of war elephants. So the king Jayavarman VII built this beautiful Terrace of Elephants. The place was used by the monarch to review the army of elephants and military parades to celebrate through a walkway about 300 meters long.

If you decide to visit this area of Angkor Thom, would you have to have a little imagination as there are still some relief carved in sandstone forms of elephants, tigers, lions, mythological snakes and birds. Also some columns with forms of elephant trunks, It can be said that the Terrace of Elephants as an adjunct to walk in the great Angkor Thom.

Apart from the elephant ridding, there are dozens of more valuable and exciting places to visit when traveling in Cambodia, for some, I can introduce the Tonle Sap Lake which should be visited when in Siem Reap, The first is a visit to the largest lake in Southeast Asia, the Tonle Sap which is around 15 Kilometers away from the center of Siem Reap. See and experience living thelife on the floating houses, in Tonle Lake, everything has made on the waters from the schools, police station and the clinic to the bars and the Karaoke, the boat trip through the lake is just impressive, I suggest visiting the lake after you tour the Angkor Wat.

Include a visit the Irrawaddy Dolphins in Kratie as of your Adventure Cambodia tour packages

South East of Asia and particularly the Indochina is one of the most biodiversity regions in the world, just behind the Africa. The key to make this happen is that in the Indochina there are many different types of ecosystems, from the highest peak in the Mount Fansipan in Vietnam, to the endless steppes of Pak Ou Caves in Laos through tropical waterways of Mekong Delta.

However, one of the most peculiar species luckily still be found on the continent is a type of dolphin that inhabits the rivers and deltas of Cambodia. The Dolphin is known as the Irrawaddy dolphin as it was a very common mammal in the river of the same name.

However, so far it might seem a sympathetic curiosity is really a serious problem: the Irrawaddy dolphin rarely extinct, but luckily its population begins to rebound upward in places like the Ganges delta in Bangladesh or in the Mekong river itself in Cambodia side through the efforts of local environmental organizations.

Include a visit the Irrawaddy Dolphins in Kratie as of your Adventure Cambodia tour packages

A good place to observe this shy mammal is undoubtedly the stretch of the Mekong River that runs through the town of Kratie, in eastern side of Cambodia. It is easy to reach from the capital (about 5 or 6 hours by bus). Just 15 kilometers north of the town, if you really willing to see them you must take an effort to include this into your Cambodia tour packages to the small village of Kampi, from where it will be easy to find a boatman who will want to row along the river for a while and if you are lucky, to see any of the dolphins. The experience is unique and worth a lot of patience and a dolphin will only appear when the boat man turn of the engine and if you don’t speak loud.

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