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No matter if you are thinking of planning a Vietnam vacation packages or just if you are staying in the country for a longer period of time, Hanoi, a charming capital of Vietnam with population of over 7 million is one of the most delighted and enchanting capitals in the South-East of Asia. Holiday makers have fall in love with the special beauty of the capital city of Vietnam, this is a city of bridges, mesmerizing lakes and thousands year old pagodas, the uniqueness of Hanoi will more attract visitors to come back for a longer stay, this is a classic city where history and tradition well mixed with the modernity. Also, Hanoi is the second largest city of Vietnam after the Ho Chi Minh City. If you travel to Vietnam you must likely to land in the capital where you will be able to organize your northern Vietnam holiday packages as these part of the country has a lot of interesting and adventurous things to see and explore. Once landed in Hanoi, you can stay up to 4 days to explore the endless beauty and the ancient tourist attractions of Hanoi, once you’ve done with the city, then you have a variety of options to choose to spend a nice and active and Luxury Vacation in Vietnam. Here is this article I would like to explain what and where you can choose to travel from Hanoi.

First of all, it is much easier and advised also to book and plan your vacation through a travel agency that have good deals on tours and hotel booking, no matter your traveling style and the preferences but booking through a reputable tour operator will make most of the plans easier.

Halong Bay Tours – A must see on any Vietnam Vacation packages

Halong Bay referred as the crown of the all Vietnam vacations, a natural site located within 3 to 4 hours driving from Hanoi, where you can opt for a different cruise for 2 to 3 night overnight stay. Cruises are varied from 3 to 5 and luxury styles, also, each cruise have got its own unique itinerary for sailing through the emerald waters. Try to book your Luxury Halong Bay Tours in Hanoi in order to save the time and get the better deal, however, if you booked your Vacation in advance this is for sure included into your tour program.

Day trips from Hanoi – a unique Vietnam vacation packages

There are numerous day trips which you can choose to enjoy your stay away from Hanoi, if the capital is crowded to you, you can escape and enjoy the captivating scenery, lush country side and visit the few popular places such as Perfume pagoda that is locally known as the Huong Pagoda, Bat Trang ceramic village, Van Phuc silk village, Duong Lam ancient village, or a popular day trip to Hoa Lu. For sure these day trips should have a place on your Vietnam vacation packages in order to learn more about the history and traditional cultures of northern Vietnam.

Visit hill tribes in Sapa – A Vietnam Vacation packages for all

Sapa is without doubt one of the most beautiful places in the region, the rice paddies represents the best in Indochina, the hill tribe peoples and the different ethnic minorities are all a part of the beauties you can explore when in northern Vietnam. There are several options to get to Sapa but among them the luxury night train is the most popular one.

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