Which island in cambodia best suits you?

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Wondering where to have a beach break along the beaches of Cambodia? While you may have already heard a lot about Thailand beaches and islands, Cambodia ones are a little less-known and still, not less beautiful. Cambodia has dozens of stunning islands, all in the Gulf of Thailand off the coast of the Southern part of Cambodia. They might take a bit more of an effort to reach but the reward is pristine and less crowded beaches.

Ready to make that leap but not quite sure about what you can expect from a Cambodia tour to its stunning beaches?

Let us guide you through which island best suits you according to what you are looking for and which kind of travelers you are.

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1. Koh Rong Island – Best Cambodia island for partying

Koh Rong is truly a “party heaven” lies along Cambodia’s gorgeous beaches with its non-stop activities and fun all day long.

a. Where is it?

Koh Rong, known as Monkey Island, is just located a little more than 15 miles off the coast of Sihanoukville, often described as “paradise on earth” or “heaven on earth” by many tourists who have come here. The island is famous for its pristine white sandy beaches, warm crystal-clear ocean waters, and a hot tropical climate.

On the island, there were a large number of monkeys but luckily, most of them are completely harmless to visitors. Yet, tourists should be careful of the water buffalo – a creature that has been known to be extremely aggressive towards strangers. But do not worry, all you need to do is to stay away from these creatures if you see one.

b. What to eat in Cambodia’s “paradise on earth” Koh Rong Island?

Whatever kind of food you want, Western or Asian, Koh Rong has it all. Most food you can find on the mainland can also be bought on Koh Rong island with a very reasonable price. The only extra fee you may need to pay is the shipping because we all know how far food is shipped to the island.

c. Best activities in Koh Rong Island

which island in cambodia best suits you

Source: Luxury Travel Vietnam

For people who want to enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the magnificent views of nature, they can totally fall asleep on the coast under the shade while listening to the soothing sound of ocean waves.

Others may take interest in exploring the exotic wildlife, experiencing Khmer culture, or partying till the sun comes up – Koh Rong can provide you with whatever you want and its offer can give you memories for a lifetime

But if you are a fan of watersport, this island is perfect for you. The most popular activities on the island are Snorkeling & Scuba Diving, Kayaking & Paddle Boarding, Mountain Biking & Jungle Trekking, Bioluminescent Plankton, Jet Skiing & Windsurfing, etc.

2. Koh Rong Samloem Island – A Cambodian  Relaxing Getaway

It is true that Koh Rong Samloem is a peacefully relaxing summer destination with a breathtaking landscape. Its fresh air, crystal clear beaches, and the tropical jungle wilderness will satisfy the pickiest traveler and perfect your tour to Cambodia. This island is a perfect choice for people who are tired of everyday stressful life, who want to escape from all life’s problems to fall asleep to the sound of the wave.

a. Where is it?

Many may get confused with the name Koh Rong Samloem (also known as Koh Rong Sanloem) because it sounds really similar to the famous Koh Rong island. It is understandable: located in the Gulf of Thailand, Koh Rong Samloem is Koh Rong’s stunning sister island – just about 4km to the South of Koh Rong Island.

But, given the fact that currently there are no banks or ATMs presenting on this island, you can clearly see that this island is not as fully-developed into a tourist attraction like Koh Rong. Here, there are only a small number of accommodation available for tourists with a very reasonable price. Therefore, all travelers are advised to bring with them cash to pay for all services here.

One more thing: most businesses that are operating on the island are local-based, therefore they appreciate small denominations rather than big bucks because they may not be able to give you change.

b. What can tourist expect to eat in this Cambodian untouched seascape?

Food is definitely not a strong side of Koh Rong Samloem, but depending on where you say, tourists can still have good meals with local specialties on the island. There are many restaurants on the island, ranging from fine dining overlooking the sea to local food stalls inside the market. All tourists need is a good guide or plan to make sure you enjoy the best out of this small island.

c. Activities

By water: Diving and snorkeling

Which island in cambodia best suits you

Source: Luxury Travel Vietnam

Koh Rong Samloem Island is a really popular destination for those fancy diving. Unlike some Southeast Asia areas, this Cambodia beach is well protected therefore divers can have good chances to see great sea life in its habitat. For non-divers, snorkeling, kayaking or going on a boat trip are also good alternatives with a very cheap renting price.

By land: Explore the Interior

The wildlife on the island is also a great experience for those who love exploring into the wildness. In the middle of the island, tourists can visit a thick, lush jungle and the best thing is that it is untouched!

Full Moon Party

Koh Rong Samloem is somehow an undiscovered island, but there’s no shortage of parties here! Partying to socialize and get to learn more about the culture here is not a bad idea, right? The organizers throw two parties per month, a full moon party and the other is a black one.

If you hear a myth that there is no ATM on the island – you may hear it right! But do not worry – Luxury Travel has an alternative way for tourists so they won’t have to worry about running out of cash.

Option 1: If you run out of cash, get your wallet recharged by coming to the neighboring island – Koh Rong. There are three Eftpos terminals on Koh Touch – the main tourist area on Koh Rong Island. Tourists can easily find them at Green Ocean Guesthouse, White Rose Guesthouse, and Koh Lanta.

Option 2: A huge number of tourists use this method, it is very trustable and safe.
Even though there is no ATM in this small island, there is still a way that tourists can have cash delivered for them. All they need is their ATM card (debit/credit) or bank details to securely send themselves funds online through a famous and credible International money transfer service. It is a partner with a Cambodian outlet where users can easily pick up their money within hours. To be considered, using this service is cheaper, safer and more convenient than having to pay ATM withdrawal fees of 10% when this method has a fee-free promo for the first user. And to receive the bank’s SMS, tourists will also need a local SIM card.

which island in cambodia best suits you

Source: Luxury Travel Vietnam

In Cambodia, any branch of Wing Xpress is a cash pick-up partner. But in Samloem island, the Wing Xpress agent can be found on Saracen Bay at the Orchid Resort near Orchid Pier.

  • First, click World Remit LTD This will open a new secure tab
  • The very first thing to do next is to find the send from” button. User will choose the country they will be sending money from. Remember, this step is very important and cannot be changed. Then, you wait for the page to refresh.
  • “Cambodia” is definitely the option for the “send to” list in the next step and click “Get Started”
  • On the new page, choose “Select Service” with “cash pick-up”. From then you wait for the “select payout-network” option to appear below.
  • You can choose either “collect USD from any Wing branch” or “collect KHR from any Wing branch”. Obviously it depends on what kind of currency you want, whether you need USD or KHR (Cambodian Riel).
  • Choose the amount of money you need and the exchange rate and fee (which first-users can easily  remove with a promo code later) will automatically show. Once you’re fine with everything, click Send.
  • At this final step, you then have to register and input details of  the money receiver – in most cases: yourself. You’ll need to provide your personal information as well as card or bank payment ones. Use the promotion code FREE (without quotes) on the payment page so that you can get a fee-free first transfer!

The detailed steps may seems long, but the process is actually easy and quick!

3. Song Saa Island – Relax at its finest in Cambodia with no wallet, no worries, and no shoes

Song Saa in Khmer means “The Sweethearts”. It is what the local called their lovely two pristine Cambodia’s islands which lie side by side.

a. Where is it?

Song Saa Private Island was set up by Australian couple Rory and Melita Hunter, who lived in Cambodia and yearn to create a sustainable sanctuary of uncompromising luxury. Thí lovely private island lies sheltered in Cambodia’s beautiful seascape, simply around 45 minutes from the port of Sihanoukville. Here, you can have the first-hand experience of untouched nature, from deserted oases of virgin rainforests, tropical reefs to crystal clear beaches.

Because it is created with sustainability caring, Song Saa Private Island reflects the pure natural beauty of the Cambodian coastline. It is reflected by everything on this island that tourists can realize the second they set foot on this island. The whole island’s structure is built with Cambodia materials, by local hands, with inspiration from local art and myths.

b. Best beaches to enjoy seafood in Cambodia

which island in cambodia best suits you

Source: Songssa.com

People living in Song Saa take pride in their food, even considered one of the best cuisines in Cambodia.  Most of the dish are farm-to-table with: seasonal fruits and vegetables, delicious rice from the North farmers, crunchy cashew or juicy coconuts by the beaches. Even the salts they use are hand-made.

Like any other islands where people have easy access to fresh seafood, the seafood here is delicious with a touch of local culinary twist and invention.

Here, dinner is adorably called “destination dining”, and served in a different surreal location around the island each night, so tourists can enjoy their meal under the moonlight, with their bare foot diving on the wet sands of the beach. Or, they can choose to have a candlelit dinner in the fine-dining restaurant to enjoy a romantic meal by the pool. The interesting thing is, every day, the chef will change their menu and tourists can receive the new one in a message-in-a-bottle style scroll at their door – lovely, right?

c. Activities

Water sport

which island in cambodia best suits you

Source: Songssa.com

Because the whole island is a resort, you will be taken care of really good by the staff here. At time of your arrival, the staff will give you a list of activities you can do at Song Saa, most of them are water sports such as paddle-boarding, kayaking, sailing and snorkeling, waterfall hikes, sunset sailing trips, and bioluminescent snorkeling.

Culture learning

For those who love activities that are calmer, Song Saa has cooking classes and afternoon tea-making, where tourists can learn everything about Cambodia traditions.

Monk Blessings on the island

It would be a shame if you miss out on the incredible chance to have a monk blessing on your stay here.  According to the Cambodian, a blessing from monks can protect people from bad spirits and unbalance energies, thus can give you peace of mind and happiness.

which island in cambodia best suits you

Source: Songssa.com

4. Koh Thmei – Paradise in Cambodia beach disguise

Many people coming from developing countries may look at Cambodia as a “backward” third-world nation, but no one can deny that the nation is a great destination as it is not industrialized and have a good nature.

a. Where is it?

Located off the coast of Cambodia, Koh Thmei Island is located in one of the most ideal tour destinations when people think of spending their time and money on sea vacation. This island is one of the islands with clearest and purest seawater in the world thanks to the fact that they are not polluted by massive ships, heavy traffic, or large populations. Instead, the waters are beautiful and are perfectly safe for you and your family to enjoy.

b. Cambodia’s unique farm-to-table cuisine culture in Koh Thmei

which island in cambodia best suits you

Source: HM Grand Central Hotel

The truth is, visitors can find some of the most amazing cuisines here in Koh Thmei. The foods are all local delicacies and the fruits are freshly-picked from the garden. If you are a seafood fan, the fish and shellfish here are fresh from the Gulf each day to give the customer the best flavor. There are also pigs and other cattle raised on the island to provide food for tourists with special demand.

c. Activities that tourists can enjoy in Koh Thmei

By Sea: swimming, scuba diving, fishing, boat trip, surfing, kayaking, etc. Everything you think of water sport on a lovely island,  Koh Thmei has them all. The people here will make sure tourists have a great day out on the water.

By land: For those who like to spend time on land, there is a wide range of incredible activities to do on Koh Thmei Island. You can do many interesting things, namely: Forest traveling (There are several species of animals on this island and some of them are even on the endangered and red lists), culture tour, buses wandering or biking on the shore

5. Koh Ta Kiev Island – Best Cambodian island for lying lazily all day in a hammock

The island’s special location makes it an interesting destination. Every tourist who has been here agreed that there is a lot of things to see and to experience in the Ream National Park.

a. Where is it?

which island in cambodia best suits you

Source: Luxury Travel Vietnam

Cambodia’s Ream National Park is crowded with tourists coming from every corner of the world, and make sure you do not miss the Koh Ta Kiev island. This is a small tropical island, located less than 10 miles off the coast of Cambodia. Despite the modest size, it has some of the most spectacular sites a person will ever see.

b. From fresh and yummy seafood to Westerned dishes – Koh Ta Kiev has them all

Tourists are served with fresh fish and shellfish each day as the specialty here in Khmer cuisine. Koh Ta Kiev can offer tourists with whatever kind of food they fancy so there is no need to worry that you can not eat the exotic food here.

Koh Ta Kiev even offers cooking classes, teaching the art of Khmer cuisine for all interested tourists.

c. Activities that tourists can enjoy in Koh Ta Kiev

By water: You can fish, snorkel, kayak, or scuba dive, and if you do not know how to do all of these, they have classes and guide to assist you into the water. You can also rent a boat or you can just spend a lazy day on the beach, lying and doing nothing for the sake of the vacation.

By land: There is a beautiful forest area on Koh Ta Kiev to explore if you are not fancy water sports. There are several paths that tourists can walk to wander through the forest or take a tour around the region. There is a wide range of animals, plants, and insects like you have never seen before.

6. Koh Totang – Best Cambodia island to get back to pure nature

a. Where is it?

Koh Totang is one of the 12 tropical islands making up the Koh S’Dach Archipelago in the Gulf of Thailand. It is located midway between the Thai border and Sihanoukville, so Koh Totang is somewhat out of the way of the main island hotspots. In the early time, getting here requires a lot of patience and effort, and it is not until 2014 that people can travel and stay here like a normal vacation spot.

On the island, there are zero restaurants, ATMs, WiFi. All water used here is rainwater. But there is phone coverage and power thanks to solar panels, so it is understandable that your power will be cut out from after 11 pm till 6 am next morning.

b. Activities that tourists can enjoy in Koh Totang

Getting back to nature is never easy. Here in Koh Totang, there are no roads, barely even any tracks – totally unspoiled and undeveloped nature. But luckily, there are still some activities that you may enjoy with the unique scenery here: swimming (of course), boat trips, snorkeling, fishing, paddle boards, kayaks, etc.

If you love lying in the sun to indulge your body then it is fine, but if you want to go into the water, watch out for sea urchins. There are a huge number of these black monsters looming underneath the water surface.

7. Koh Tang Island – How to unplugging in the best Cambodia way?

You will be surprised but happy to know that the only inhabitants on the island are Cambodian military personnel.

a. Where is it?

which island in cambodia best suits you

Source: Luxury Travel Vietnam

Koh Tang Island is a modest island, approximately 6.5 km long and between 1.7 km wide to 80 meters wide. The island is just 43 km (27 miles) southwest off the coast of Cambodia in the Gulf of Thailand.

Here, visitors will be forced to take a much-needed break from everyday busy life as there is absolutely no Internet on Koh Totang. Moreover, all showers use is saved rainwater, all food is grown in the permaculture garden. Most visitors here cannot expect a dynamic summer vacation here.  Koh Tang Island is an island for lazy morning lying in a hammock, enjoying the view and banishing all thought of life at home.

b. Activities that tourists can enjoy in Koh Tang

Quiet as it is, many divers consider Koh Tang Island perfect for night dives. Moreover, the dive sites here are unexplored, making Koh Tang the best island for diving in the region.

You can also walk along the shore, or simply admire them from the comfort of your boat or hammock. During the day, you can also sunbathe on one of the beaches here, and if you are the adventurous type, you may explore the mysterious thick forest on the island. However, as you must know that there are not any trekking paths here, wandering around the forest, especially alone is not recommended.

8. Koh Russei – Best island for chilling and vibing along the beaches

Koh Russei, also known as Bamboo Island, is one of the most beautiful tropical islands in Cambodia.

a. Where is it?

This majestic tourist attraction is rapidly developing to become one of the most popular places for tourist to visit Cambodia island. Its location is very convenient as it is about 6 miles from the coast of Sihanoukville. Once arriving at the Sihanoukville Airport, a dock will be used to take tourists to the port where they used a private boat to get to the island. The cost of this boat trip is just $5 and takes no longer than an hour to reach your destination.

b. Activities that tourists can enjoy in Koh Russei

On Koh Russei, there are incredible activities for you to be able to enjoy.

By water: There is great fishing, swimming, snorkeling, deep-sea diving, and even surfing that you were able to do around the island. You can join a tour to be able to do your fishing, or rent a boat and spend the day out making an incredible catch for the day.

Or tourists can just enjoy a nice sunny day with rays warming your body with breezy summer winds. The beaches here on this beautiful island are made just for that. There were also tours to help you explore some of the other 21 islands within the Sihanoukville province.

9. Koh Seh – BestCambodia island for a wild and energetic summer

Cambodia’s islands are on their way to become the hottest summer destination, and no destination is finding this to be truer than Koh Seh island.

a. Where is it?

This beautiful island getaway is just within a mere 6 miles off the coast of Cambodia’s mainland. Interestingly enough, it is truly a powerful island of enjoyment packed in a very modest size.

Koh Seh has recently been opened to the tourist industry. In fact, up until just a few short years ago, this was nothing more than a small fishing village and not much more to it. This has left a large portion of its completely undeveloped, which means that visitors get to enjoy a fantastic vacation in a place that has not been scarred or ruined by the man-made intervention. There is no large hotel here. No skyscrapers and huge lights the take away from the majesty that is this beautiful tropical paradise. It is just a small number of bungalows that allow people to enjoy a personal experience with nature itself.

b. Activities that tourists can enjoy in Koh Seh

Tourists can have an incredible day just by sitting out in the sun, looking out over the incredibly beautiful blue water. It is the very essence of tranquility. But if you are a little more of the adventurous type, there are a great number of water activities that you can do around Koh Seh.

which island in cambodia best suits you

Source: Sarahbernier3140 (Pixabay)

By water: Koh Seh is of the best area for scuba diving the planet. Travelers can also snorkel and swim in the bays that caress the beautiful island itself. You can fish along the shoreline of Koh Seh, or you can take a boat out into the deep waters that surround the island look for bigger fish to try to capture.

By land: Koh Seh also has some lush rain forest area where you will find some of the most beautiful wildlife. You will get up close and personal if you want with over 150 species of birds, monkeys, small reptiles, and insects that are so odd and unusual you have to see them to believe it. You will also see beautiful flowers and be able to sample some of the most spectacular fruits and vegetables your mouth will ever taste.

If you want to expand your vacation, the province of Sihanoukville has many great things to offer you. You can take a small boat ride to the other 21 islands located in the province or hit the mainland, where you can shop and find incredible places to eat. You will clearly find this is one of the most satisfying places in the world to spend your vacation.

Note to all tourists coming to Cambodian beaches

which island in cambodia best suits you

Source: Luxury Travel Vietnam

Firstly, it is safe to say that generally, people do not have much trouble getting a Cambodian Visa. You can easily obtain your Visa at the airport or border crossing once you get there or have your Visa easily by booking a tour with Luxury Travel and you can leave everything to us.

Secondly, Luxury Tour recommends that all tourists bring plenty of cash, insect spray, sun cream, and any other necessities. As we have just let you know, most of the Cambodia islands do not have ATMs or shopping malls but small local shops where most of what you buy may be charged twice or third times here. Stock up your backpack with everything you need before hitting the road!

Thirdly, as mentioned above, there are no ATMs. Yet, tourists can still withdraw cash out in Koh Touch. This is the main tourist area on Koh Rong Island. There are Eftpos at big hotels and resorts like Green Ocean Guesthouse, White Rose Guesthouse, and Koh Lanta.

which island in cambodia best suits you

Source: Luxury Travel Vietnam

Here in Cambodia, the vibe is totally different – a fresh, lovely vitamin SEA for all tourists to ease off busy work and stressful social life. Whether you want an island all for yourself so you can sleep happily on a hammock all day or fancy party nights with drinks and dances – Cambodia has an island for your preference. Visit Luxury Travel now for some brand new adventure to Cambodia islands – the land you can never forget.

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