Lux Travel DMC Happily Welcome the Firsts Foreign Visitors After Reopening

by Huyen Nguyen
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Since the official decision of the Government of Vietnam on reopening tourism on March 15, we have had the opportunity to welcome the first international tourists to explore and experience the holiday in Vietnam.

Not only travel agencies, but international tourists are also extremely excited to come to Vietnam after nearly 2 years closed due to Covid-19. Emotional stories are shared by both tourists and tourism workers.

That’s the story of the old tour guide who specialized in serving German tourists. He arrived in our office earlier and prepared well for meeting the first customers. He cried tears of joy to greet the first visitors to Vietnam at the airport.

Lux Travel DMC customer

We feel moved by the story of the Couple Ronja and Marc from Germany. They got married last August. These guests go on the honeymoon tour Vietnam – Cambodia honeymoon tour for 28 days with us. When entering Vietnam, they just need to fill in the medical declaration form without testing for Covid-19. All the procedure is very simple and smooth. Therefore, we can see that Vietnam is one of the countries that have the easiest entry requirements in Southeast Asia. They shared that “We love to travel and have dreamed of traveling around the world for a long time. We’ve been on vacation for 6 months for our honeymoon and have been traveling around the world since November. It hasn’t always been easy because of Covid-19, but we still decided to do the trip last year. We are pleased to hear that Vietnam will reopen to tourists in March. We wanted to travel to Asia much sooner. This is our first time visiting Vietnam. Vietnam is also the final destination on our itinerary. We feel happy to be able to spend good times in this wonderful country”.

Lux Travel DMC's customer

Lux Travel DMC’s customer

The next story is shared by Ms. Raquel Canal Sala from Spain. “ I had postponed the Vietnam tour for nearly 2 years because of the Covid-19 pandemic. So when hearing the news that Vietnam was reopening, I wanted to visit it immediately”. She and her family, including 4 people, booked a 9-day Vietnam tour. They visited a lot of attractions from the South to the North and used Luxury services completely.

Lux Travel DMC's customer

Lux Travel DMC’s customer

In addition, another Singaporean couple came to Vietnam for the 6th time and chose Vietnam to experience right after Vietnam opened for tourism. “The scenery of Ha Long Bay and Lan Ha Bay is like appearing in a movie,” said the couple.

Lux Travel DMC’s customer

There are still many stories hiding after the wonderful holidays post the Covid-19 we have not told here. Since Vietnam and most of the countries in Southeast Asia have already reopened in March, travelers from over the world now can easily plan their trips to Southeast Asia without having any worries. Being as the people who work in tourism, we now can continue our mission to help travelers to complete their dreams of the amazing holidays in Southeast Asia.

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