No Need to Quarantine when Traveling to Bali from March 14

by Huyen Nguyen
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From March 14, 2022, Indonesia will allow fully vaccinated travelers to enter Bali which is the popular Southeast Asian tourist hotspot without having to quarantine upon arrival. Moreover, it plus the much-anticipated return of the Visa On Arrival program.

It is described as a ‘trial’ that is due to begin in just two weeks. Those who have received their full vaccination will be required to take a PCR test upon their arrival. After receiving a negative result, travelers are ‘free’ to explore the province.

1. What are the current entry requirements for visiting Bali?

Now, you can enter Bali for tourism purposes as the country has officially reopened for tourists on 4 February. However, there are still some entry requirements for travelers, which include the need to quarantine upon arrival. The length of quarantine depends upon your vaccination status.

Those that have received their full vaccination and a booster have to quarantine for 3 days. Besides, individuals who have received their full vaccination without a booster shot have to quarantine for 5 days.

Additionally, any individual entering the country who isn’t fully vaccinated (only 1 dose) has to quarantine for 7 days. All visitors arriving into the country are also currently required to:

  1. Take a PCR test no longer than 48 hours before departure
  2. Take a PCR test on arrival, as well as on day 3 of their quarantine
  3. Purchase health insurance which includes coverage for the treatment of Covid-19
  4. Obtain a visa before traveling to Indonesia.

2. So, what changes from 14 March?

Firstly, the biggest change is that there will be no need to quarantine upon arrival into Bali for individuals that have received their full vaccination against Covid-19.

Instead, fully vaccinated travelers can enter quarantine-free by:

  1. Booking a hotel for at least four nights
  2. Showing proof that they have received their full vaccine against Covid-19
  3. Taking a PCR test upon arrival – and waiting in their hotel room until they have received their test result (within 24-hours)
  4. Taking a PCR test on day 3 after their arrival
  5. Be under a daily antigen test (which is only expected to be a requirement during the initial ‘trial’ period).
    Covid PCR Test

Secondly, another significant change is that travelers will no longer need to obtain a visa before traveling from March 14. Instead, they will be able to apply for the visa on arrival (VoA). The VoA is a much more convenient and hassle-free way to gain entry into the country because there is no need to pay an agency to sort out your visa before you arrive. Now, with the return of the VoA, and despite other tough travel rules, Bali will finally start seeing a large number of tourists again.

If the quarantine-free trial in Bali goes well and there are no major outbreaks of Covid-19, Indonesia hopes to drop the entry requirement for the entire country. The government hopes that this will happen from 1 April if the ‘trial’ in Bali goes as planned.

This is a good chance to plan for a trip to Bali the next time. Therefore, we would like to give you a travel guide to Bali as well as some typical tours.  If you are interested, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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