Tips for Group Travel Packages to Vietnam

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Thinking about planning a Group Travel Packages to Vietnam that can be one of the most rewarding options to travel to Vietnam or perhaps to the other popular destinations in Indochina such as Laos, Myanmar, Thailand and or Cambodia, Holiday makers show more interest on taking a personalized holiday in a popular destination such as Vietnam rather than joining a group tours in order to avoid rushing from place to place, however, some travel agencies organizing set departure Group travel which is sounds a bit different from the usual group tours, in such a organized travel packages you will travel with a group of like-minded travelers that sharing the same interest as you do as you all depart from one country and mainly the same city and will be together from the moment you departure to Vietnam to the time you flight back home.

However, with all the benefits of group travel in Vietnam, in a country that one could experience anything from trekking experience to the cruising and cultural exploration you may need to know more details on how to plan and finalize, or better I say to know some more information to help you starting your Vietnam vacation packages with your group

Useful Info on Group Travel and Tour Packages to Vietnam

You may know or not, but many destination management companies will have a very good relationships with the established organizations such as church societies, international schools, sport clubs, small travel agents and so on in order to offers regular group tours to Vietnam and Indochina and when in Vietnam there will be a need of a reliable tour operator that help in organizing and booking the hotels of your choice, Cruising in luxury Halong Bay Tours , ground transfers and transportation, guidance services, cooperating with the local restaurant and more important than anything else, to arrange the pre-planning your vacation such as Visa handling, payment receiving and flight booking.

Finding the Best Group Travel Packages to Vietnam and Indochina

Vietnam is a large country and in such a destination you will need to know where you’d like to plan to take your group and for how long, basically, traveling through Vietnam need a bit of well planning in order to avoid the disappointing from the weather that you may get to know the best time to travel in such Vietnam has two main season, the dry and the wet season and I am sure you don’t like to travel to mountains of Sapa in northern country in the wet season when there are mud paved route everywhere. However, the best vacation provider is the one that knows the needs of your group members, whether your group interested in adventure trips and thrilling activities, or group travel for single and couples to the honeymoon destinations, group tours for senior travelers and much more. In Such a variation, you will required to provide the type of Vietnam packages tours you are looking to offer to your group tours, after you the above factors then you must pick up a group travel package provider that is specialized in the field of organizing groups within the Vietnam and Indochina, read about the tour provider and find out the services they provide sometimes you pay a bit more but instead you must get a better services with the quality in terms of arrangements and the guidance service., do not just pick a travel agency that claims to be a group travel provider, I keep note that arranging a group travel packages is far different from the private touring.

The most popular destination to travel within Vietnam and its neighboring Laos and Cambodia must be divided within the region:

Northern Vietnam: Hanoi, Sapa, Halong Bay
Central Vietnam: Da Nang, Haoi An, Hue
Southern Vietnam: Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, Phu Quoc Island
Mekong Delta: Ben Tre, Cai Be, Vinh Long, Floating Market, Luxury Mekong river cruise tours

Good to know about Vietnam

If this is the first time you going on a holiday to Vietnam then it will be useful to know some pre-planning tips that help you to travel safe with a better understanding on a culture of Vietnam. Get updated on the latest news and the visa policies as such, you will required a visa in advance in order to board a flight to Vietnam, some European national such as (UK, GERMANY, FRANCE, ITALY, SPAIN) , granted a 15 days visa since the July 2015, however, if you traveling for more than 2 weeks then you required a 30 days visa to be arranged before departure, read more about the Vietnam Visa on arrival

Learn some useful phrases in Vietnamese language will be so handy and pleasant to communicate with the locals who are super keen and happy to know about the peoples in other countries.

Check your medication list and get vaccinated against the Malaria, especially if you travel solo and decide to stay long time in Vietnam and other Indochina destinations, pay more attention on the tap waters and always drink the bottled waters. However, a good tour operator will always advise you the best travel tips and will never let you alone.

Do not enter the Buddhist temples and the sanctuaries with short and the tank top, this is kind of disrespect and marked as a impoliteness by the locals, respect the culture and do as local do, if you want to drive motorbike in Vietnam ( Vietnam is a motorbike society), be aware to wear Helmet and observe the safety in driving.

However, traveling on a group travel packages to Vietnam will reduce the cost of the tour you are requesting but it has its own good and bad factors, the good factor is you might be able to meet a l of like-minded people that sharing the same interest as you and you will pay less for the ground exploration, and the bad thing is that you will have to follow the group schedule, leave hotel with group and go back to with group as well. Get to know for the cost effective Luxury Vietnam vacation packages

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