Visit Ha Giang when Holiday to Vietnam

What you may heard of Vietnam is back to the few decades ago where the country was experiencing the bloody war with America, those days has already passed and Vietnam is one of the top five destination to travel in Asia, travelers choose this vivid country for many reason, one like it because of its long coastline and the tropical beaches to get relaxed holiday with family and children, one opt for a holiday to Vietnam to experience a luxury stay through cruising in either Halong Bay and or the impressive Delta of Mekong, no matter what are you interested in, Vietnam has it all to offer and make your vacation a memorable one.

Northern Vietnam and specifically Sapa region and its mountainous area near the border with china has always been in special target for so many travelers just because of the unique scenery, welcoming locals and the opportunity to meet and stay with the ethnic minority peoples, also, the adventure trails that lead tourist from Hanoi to Ha Giang and other small villages are just one of a kind.

Temples, markets, ethnic villages and amazing green valley leading travelers and specially adventure seekers to the journey to discover the most authentic Northern Vietnam, in addition you may contact with local tribes, with their customs, their colors through fascinating scenery. Ha Giang offer an area of not only the nature, but the encounter with the culture of the ethnic minorities of the North in a tour full of charm, where the simplicity of the living the life makes it even more palpable emotions.

What to experience in Ha Giang?

Visit Ha Giang when Holiday to Vietnam

Dong Van Karst Plateau Geopark: will give you the splendid views from what is the wild nature; this route is mostly organized by travel agencies and motorbike lovers will start the journey often from Hanoi.

Lung Cu Flag Tower: located at 1700 meters high is a tower flying the Vietnamese national flag and the Vietnam’s northernmost point. Several ethnic minorities live at the foot of Lung Cu Mountain in what is commonly called corn valley. The famous Lo Lo – another ethnic group in the region – has an interesting explanation of the origin of this mythical mountain. On the summit are two lakes which the local people call wells.

Ha Giang Trekking experience: shake your holiday to Vietnam and enjoy the beautiful landscape while stay with the local at some of the most interesting home-stays available in the region, there are different levels of trekking which often comes with visiting ethnic minorities along the way.

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