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For a complete holiday to Vietnam one would need to plan and finalize their Vietnam vacation packages to know where will be the visiting spot while in this amazing country. Generally, Vietnam could be divided into three main holiday point for the travelers, as of the following:

Northern Vietnam (Hanoi, Halong Bay, Sapa)
Central Vietnam (Da Nang, Hue, Hoi An)
Southern Vietnam (Nha Trang, Ho Chi Minh City, Mekong Delta)

For the planning of your Vietnam packages tours you need to define the length of your trip as well as the tourist attractions you would like to see when in Vietnam, of course it is possible to travel to Vietnam and cover all the three main holiday point as I explained above but not everyone have that long holiday to come over and experience all of them in one visit, my main purpose of this article is to explain you the particular area of northern Vietnam, the Halong Bay.

There is no doubt that one of the essential places to be visited in northern Vietnam will be Halong Bay. This picturesque and amazingly beautiful bay located within 4 hour drive from Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam and is included to anyone’s itinerary regardless of the length of the their holiday. This marvel of nature is worth any effort to get there and dazzling rock formations that dotted through the Gulf of Tonkin. As any form of traveling whether on your own or with organized holidays, you can assure that there will be all sort of facilities from the budget to the luxury Halong Bay tours with different cruise companies that offer enjoyable tours to this part of the Vietnam. The best way and yet the most worry-free option to experience Halong Bay would be to get a tour packages that include this trip to your final tour plan, again, depend on the length of your holiday, Halong tours are come in a day trip to the four days packages with different options and overnight stay on board the chosen cruise.

Include Halong Bay on your Holiday to Vietnam

Here I explain and give you good tips according to my experience to allow you to choose from what you receive latter when you plan your vacation in Vietnam. The first thing you should know is that there are many options for cruising but i strongly recommend the package of three days / two nights to give you time to discover the beauties of the Bay along with some relaxed time for swimming with activities such as rock climbing, Kayaking fishing and more. All the Halong Bay tours will begin from Hanoi city where you will be picked up from your hotel and drive to the Halong pier where you’ll be starting your magical cruising through the spectacular bay.

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The first night is always planned to spend as an overnight in the cabin of the cruise of your choice but the second can choose between hotel or bungalow of if you prefer in the cabin as well, this is pretty much depend on what kind of packages you are taking. No doubt i choose the bungalow because they are located in the Bay, with small beaches and islands with stunning natural environment.

Choose from many cruise each with different style and itineraries

The type of cruise or boat: There are many qualities (with stars such as hotels). You must ask for the name of the vessel, the number of stars you have and compare it to others. Usually most of the travel agencies offer packages for holiday to Vietnam with same cruise but with slightly different change on the price, if you travel on your own and intend to take the cheapest boat in order to just have a tour on Halong Bay, then I have to say that the cheapest boats are not suitable because they have a long history of years of services and maintains, complaints and problems. The mid-range cruises are recommended specially if you are taking an overnight stay. The luxury cruise all offering high-class service that worth the money you pay, some of the well known and 5 star Luxury cruises are: Paradise Cruise, Violet cruise and the Jasmine cruise in the heritage line group.

Choose from many cruise each with different style and itineraries

One or two night stay? The Prices are vary about 30-40 US$ between either option. If you opt for a night you will see the famous Halong Bay and will visit a renowned cave. You must keep in mind that a journey from Hanoi to Halong Bay takes about four hours so one night stay is not a good option for most of the cases, however, this is depend on your itinerary and the planned trip in advance.

In the streets of the Old Quarter in Hanoi there are dozens of small travel agencies that are mainly selling tours and cruise options on behalf of the other travel agencies. It is very important that you become familiar with what you want through the researches and understand a little about the real Halong Bay tours. I suggest checking with the well mannered and good travel agencies such as Luxury Travel Vietnam to get the best advices and the reasonable price tag for each cruise. They are listed as a multi ward tour operator in Vietnam and the winner of TripAdvisor’s certificate of excellence in 2015. Check the holiday deals Christmas and include the Halong in your list from the well in a head of time to get the best deal possible.

holiday to vietnam halong bay cruise

Prices of three night cruise: This is vary greatly depending on the chosen cruise and the offer. Among the mid budget options you can shuffle a range of between 150 and 250 dollars for two nights and three days per person.

All inclusive Halong Bay tours: In principle, if the cruise offers the promised “all inclusive”, the only thing that i recommend you bear apart from the useful characteristic of a weekend at the beach, is a bottle of water. Most luxury cruises are offers massage and spa services which are not included on the agreed price. The drinks on board are also not included.

However, above were just a few important tips that help you to enjoy more of this amazing beauty of Vietnam. I advise you to book in advance and consult with your travel agent before you travel to Vietnam. Choose the best deal with a cruise that meets your expectation and worth the money you pay. If you book with a well known travel agency then you will not have anything to worry as they plan and only thing you need to do is to enjoy every moment of your holiday to Vietnam.

Luxury Travel Vietnam, LTD

The writer of this article wants to share more about the Halong Bay cruise in different point of view. Luxury Travel Vietnam is an award winning and well reputed tour operator in Vietnam since 2004 offering all sort of well planned and organized holiday to Vietnam, check the offers from time to time such as holiday deals for Christmas at 

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