Adventures and experiences at Amanoi, Vinh Hy Bay

by Van Bui
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Explore the bay by kayak or catamaran. Admire a rainbow of corals snorkelling clear waters. Explore nearby fishing villages and discover the ancient culture of the Cham people. Trek to rocky peaks, dramatic waterfalls and hidden coves, or venture into Núi Chúa National Park in search of lorises and sun bears. Here at the threshold of land and sea, Amanoi offers an array of eye-opening experiences and activities.

Journeys in the lost kingdom

Discover the ancient heritage of the region’s Cham people, who once dominated coast of southern Vietnam, by exploring the ruins of 13th-century towered temple complex of Po Klong Garai, guided by Cham descendant Tuyen. Later, enjoy the sunset as a Cham Master conducts a sacred blessing and a traditional Cham family feast is served beneath the star-strewn sky.

Trekking the coastline

Hugged by hills, Amanoi is a gateway to the 29,000 hectares of Núi Chúa National Park, a rugged wonderland of diverse landscapes and myriad wildlife that rewards hikers with sweeping panoramas at every turn. From the resort, the network of trails can lead guests on family-friendly rambles to picnic on secret beaches, or more challenging treks to the rock formations of Bai Da or the bay-view drama of Goga Peak. The most rewarding – and demanding – is the four-hour hike from Da Han village through farmland and forest to bathe at the three-tiered waterfall of Ba Tang.

Picnics by the sea


Follow the guide along Amanoi’s picturesque walking trail to the resort’s tranquil picnic area for a special spread prepared spread, taking in breathtaking bay views along the way. Alternatively, leave from the beach by kayak and cruise along the coast to the picnic site, passing granite rock formations and secret inlets.

Cycling to Thai An

Starting from Nui Chau’s National Park Museum, explore the region by bike, with a leisurely ride along the coastal roads and dirt tracks to the secluded village of Thai An, pausing for refreshments and to explore the local school and the morning markets and to meet the residents of this lost-in-time haven.

Reef encounters

Fringing the bay, a kingdom of coral awaits between the waves. Explore the pristine reefs on a guided snorkelling expedition, and discover more than 350 varieties of staghorn, plate and brain corals found in the Vinh Hy Bay conservation area, as well as colourful shoals of tropical fish including triggerfish, angel fish, trumpet, damsel and bat fish that make their home here.

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