Everything You Need to Know about Long Beach, Phu Quoc

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Phu Quoc has always been famous for its tropical paradise, but have you ever heard of the strange name “Long Beach” of Phu Quoc? The coastal with this funny name is a 20-km-long coastal area with breathtaking views where you can find luxury hotels, bars, and restaurants to enjoy your stay at this tropical paradise at its max. Nestling in between the Gulf of Thailand and Vietnam, Long Beach is a sight to be seen for those loving quiet atmosphere and the raw, untouched beauty of mother nature in Vietnam. 

1. Why Long Beach got its name

Also known as Bai Truong and Bai Dai, which literally means “beach that is long”, Long Beach is the longest beach area in the whole Kien Giang Province. It is also recognized as one of the 13 most beautiful beaches in Vietnam by Forbes.

2. Long Beach’s geography and scenery

If you are already in Phu Quoc, Long Beach is easily navigated on foot. However, due to the specific length, renting your own vehicles such as a motorbike or bicycle is the best way to explore this beautiful place.
Long Beach’s area is divided into two different sections: North Long Beach and South Long Beach by Tranh River estuary. The North Long Beach is older, thus, home to most of the affordable hotels, resorts, bars, and restaurants in Phu Quoc island. Most people who wish to experience the daily life of a local will love to explore this 5-kilometers-in-length area. In contrast, South Long Beach, a newer, longer (15 kilometers) and fancier sections give tourists a wide range of premium stays and services. This upscale section also has some pearl farms and a dedicated temple with its famous whale worship rituals every year.

long beach phu quoc

Source: Luxury Travel

Even though Long Beach is quite popular for its beauty, the beach is relatively pristine and clean with evergreen shadows of palm trees and golden soft sands. Even more surprisingly, the beach is not as crowded as you imagine and you can always find your own patch of sand if you wish! 

3. What to do at Long Beach Phu Quoc

Just like any other famous beaches on this planet, you can try out as many water sports as you want on this beautiful beach. However, there are many more interesting and memorable experiences await you at Long Beach.

a. Water sports are all the rage here

During the dry season, which starts from November until March, you can sunbathe, snorkel and swim at Long Beach and enjoy this tropical paradise at its max. With such a long beach, you can find your own patch of sand to start to work on your tan skin or do some yoga in the early morning. The untouched beauty of Long beach also makes it the ideal destination for other outdoor activities such as kayaking, fishing or coral sight-seeing. The marine life under the sea is so diverse it would be a pity if you miss out on the chance to explore with such a reasonable price.

long beach phu quoc

Source: Luxury Travel

b. Explore pearl farms and see how fish sauce and pepper are made

Phu Quoc’s pearls are ranked as one of the world’s most beautiful and precious ones. Here, people make pearls by farming oysters both naturally and artificially and you will have the chance to see how those beautiful sparkling pearls are taken from inside, hear stories about pearl cultivation, and get to know different types of pearls and their value. Due to different incubation periods, the most expensive pearls are the black ones, then the pastel pink and the popular creamy white hue are usually the cheapest.

long beach phu quoc

Pepper Farm | Source: Luxury Travel

If asked about places of the best fish sauce or pepper, most Vietnamese will answer “Phu Quoc”. With its weather, soil and experienced farmers, touring to Phu Quoc’s most famous fish sauce or pepper factories like Nuoc Mam Hung Thanh or Vuon Tieu Khu Tuong can give you interesting knowledge – and you can buy some souvenirs for your loved ones at home!

c. Enjoy the freshest seafood

Seafood lovers will love it here as most restaurants in Long Beach offer customers with freshly – caught ingredients. Everything people all around the world love can be found in Long Beach such as fish, crab, shrimp, lobsters, etc. You can also buy seafood directly from fishermen’s boats, or go fishing by themselves if they want.

long beach phu quoc

Source: NadineDoerle – Pixabay

d. Enjoy the beautiful sunset all over Vietnam 

Phu Quoc is truly a great place to witness both sunrise and sunset in Vietnam, and you might find your best sunset-catch spot in Long Beach. Either sitting at luxurious bars or hotels at the South Long Beach or an empty and beautiful stretch of white sand in the North Long Beach, the experience is magical still with the majestic scenery and hue from mother nature. 

long beach phu quoc

Source: Luxury Travel

e. Try some beachside massage/ spa

One thing you may notice is that here in Vietnam, beachside massages/ spas are quite popular. You can have a massage from the local experts right at the crowded beach or from skillful staff from the 5-starred hotels and resorts. There is a wide range of things you can ask for: neck rub, foot massage, manicure or even leg-hair threading. Some of our recommendations are: TINH Wellness Sanctuary, Mango Bay Wellness Center, Cazame Spa, Chen Sea Resort and Spa, Centara Boutique Collection, HARNN Heritage Spa, An Mai Spa and Wellness, etc.

long beach phu quoc

Source: TradeWinds Island Resorts – Flickr

f. Visit the whale-worship temple

Whales are referred to as “Cá Ông” and worshipped by many local fishermen in Vietnam. Many believe that whales are the guardian while they are on board and have the capacity of saving their lives in severe weather and conditions. You may have the chance to visit a temple honoring the corpse of a dead whale right at Long Beach and see many interesting rituals conducted by the Vietnamese fishermen community.

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