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Visiting Phu Quoc, tourists have a wide range of recreational options, from water sports, adventure tours to discover Vietnam’s national forest as well as a luxurious spa and funky bars with fun awaits. But if you are more into off-the-beaten trips to see how life truly is in the sea area of Vietnam, Ham Ninh Village is just the right place for you.
Ham Ninh Fishing Village is one of the oldest fishing villages in Vietnam nestled on the foot of Ham Ninh mountain with its front facing the immerse sea. If you start from Duong Dong Town’s center, head north for less than 20 kilometers and you will reach this lovely gem of a place. Though Phu Quoc tourism is developing rapidly day by day, the village retains its rustic and untouched beauty.

ham ninh fishing village

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This lovely fishermen town might give you views of everything possible: from a majestic sunset on the shore, scenes of a fisherman life or learn how to fish while sitting in a fishing boat at pitch night with the most experienced and skillful experts on the island. And yet, as your night here processes, you will feel the peaceful and quiet vibe reeking out in the atmosphere to ease your mind with the soothing sound of the gentle waves from the port.

I. History of Ham Ninh Village

Under the Ming Mang Dynasty, Ham Ninh was owned by Ha Chau District (Ha Tien), but when the French military colonized most parts of Vietnam, it was a hamlet of Kien Giang. It was not until 1874 that this town belonged to Phu Quoc District. 

ham ninh fishing village

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And yet, no one knows exactly how Ham Ninh Village was formed in the first place and yet it is clear that this old little place was been here for more than a century. Rumor has it that since Phu Quoc was a deserted island with little to no habitant, some fishermen accidentally arrived here and fell in love with this place for its diversity in marine species and natural beauty. The fame of an isolated and beautiful island with a huge quantity of seafood attracts fishermen and traders to come here and develop a community – small, but long-lasting like the bamboo that residents here used to build their floating homes.

II. Ham Ninh Fishing Village is a place of peace and natural beauty

Ham Ninh Fishing Village is quiet even though the Ham Ninh port is a safe and busy berth for fishing boats in the Duong Dong sea area. You will be totally amazed by the scenes here with a special shallow sea area that makes its golden sand run to the headlines when low tides and floods that reach the forest edge when high tides. You would love to witness sunset or sunrise here, under the overwhelming sky and the charming, gentle beaches.
The mountain here is also very picturesque with a height of 300 meters. The tall and evergreen mountains that immerse into a perfectly harmonious picture of blue sky and crystal clear seawater, with lots of boats that come from the mainland to transport goods and most importantly, delivering seafood.

ham ninh fishing village

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You will get a Vietnamese rural life while visiting this place as the people here build their houses from thatched bamboo leaves. The familiarity of a peaceful village with yards full of fishing nets, elder people sitting on the threshold to look after their grandchildren or even great-grandchildren while their parents are out at sea to make a living out of mother nature. And yet, Ham Ninh Fishing Village has its own features which are the salty smell of the ocean, the distinctly unique smell of seafood and the noise of all the boats, traders and fishermen with nets full of fish.
Early in the morning or in the moon nights are the best time for a newcomer to see thoroughly the beauty of Ham Ninh. And when you come here, you will eventually realize that behind all these simple and domestic scenes of people and nature are the Vietnamese traditional lifestyle that can not be worn out by the time, the ocean or people.

III. What to do at Ham Ninh Fishing Village for travelers

Even though it is an underdeveloped destination in terms of tourism, Ham Ninh Fishing Village, on the other hand, is the heart of pearl farming, sea cucumber (holothurian) and many more strange sea products in Vietnam generally and the North specifically. Therefore, you can be sure to have the chance to enjoy a lot of fun activities at this small but energetic little fishing village of Ham Ninh.

1. Enjoy water sports at the Ham Ninh Beach

With the clear seawater, it is a pity you don’t try a walk under the sea. You will have the chance to see everything from the marvelous coral reefs to a variety of marine life under the water such as seahorses, starfish, shellfish, crabs, and if lucky, some rare species like the green turtle or hawksbill turtle.

2. Enjoy the beauty of mother nature in both sunrise and sunset

With its chill and ancient vibes, Ham Ninh Fishing Village is truly a great place to witness both sunrise and sunset in Vietnam. And if you are early to catch the sunrise, there is a good chance you may see the bustling moment of all fishers in the village rushing to prepare to go out to the sea.

ham ninh fishing village

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3. Have the adventure to discover the mountain Ham Ninh

The mountain is very close to the beach, and if you are a sporty traveler, don’t miss out on the chance to climb up this high mountain. But you need to prepare carefully since the trek is not an easy one.

4. Enjoy the seafood at Ham Ninh seafood restaurants

Next to the pier are many floating restaurants which offer many kinds of savory seafood dishes. As for the close proximity, you are guaranteed the freshness of the ingredients and the reasonable price as well. So if you are in Ham Ninh Fishing Village with a group of friends or family, how a full course gourmet party sound?

ham ninh fishing village

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5. Visit pearl farms

You may have the chance to see how people make those glowy, expensive necklaces and buy some as souvenirs.

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