Visit Tho Chu Island & Discover the Story Of Heroic Soldiers

by Long Vu
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I. Introduction of Tho Chu 

1. Location

Tho Chu Island, also known as Tho Chau, is the Island of Phu Quoc Commune, Kien Giang Province, 160 km to the South West of Phu Quoc Island. Tho Chu is the merger of 8 islets: Tho Chu, Hon Nhan, Hon Xanh, Hon Kho, Hon Cao, Hon Cat, Hon Tu and Hon Cao Ngua. The most famous 4 beaches on Tho Chu are Bai Ngu, Bai Dong, Bai Mun, Bai Nhat, among these beaches, Bai Ngu and Bai Dong are larger than the others.

2. History Of Tho Chu: The Story Of Heroic Soldiers

Along with the formation of the Island, lots of Vietnamese soldiers sacrificed themselves to maintain the territory of the nation.

Pol Pot, the most savage, cruel troop in Cambodia in the 70s, only half month after Independence day in Vietnam, recognized the delicate, feeble management of territory in the border area. Pol Pot quickly took over Tho Chu, the most important Island that strategically affects the diplomatic relationship between countries in South East Asia Region. Vietnam marine force consistently fought against and retained the Island successfully, however, the bloodshed led to the death of thousands of soldiers, along with the innocent people. Come to Tho Chau, not only could you enjoy the picturesque scenery, but also do you learn about the history, honor the people who fell down to bring liberation.

Tho Chu Island

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II. Imperative notice

This beach can not be reached by personal discretion. There are some regulations on the Island you need to remember to avoid troublesome situations. So far, Tho Chu has not been exploited for tourism purposes, it is the restricted area by military force, so if you want to enter the Island, remember to ask for permission. Taking pictures of landscapes is the necessity of any traveler, however, once entered Tho Chu, you should ask for the local administrative unit for the allowance. In case you bring a cell phone, notice that the only mobile network operator on the Island is Viettel and wireless network is unavailable.

III. Best time to visit

There are two particular seasons on Tho Chu: rainy and dried season. During the rainy season, the humidity is always at peak and the Island has to suffer the daily drizzle. Therefore, it is vital to forecast the weather. The dried season on Tho Chu last from November to April, the wave of the ocean is slightly pleasant and suitable for the expedition. Last but not least, determine the number of your crew because of restrains regarding capacity.

IV. How to get there

Tho Chu Island

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1. Phu Quoc – Tho Chau Route

The only way to get to Tho Chau Island is the ferry, both types of ferries depart from Ham Ninh commune on Phu Quoc, the regular ferry lasts 8 hours to reach Tho Chau, the fast ferry is only half of the total duration of the regular ferry. However, sea conveyance usually depends on the weather. The price ticket normally fluctuates around 200.000 Vietnam Dong ( about 10$).

2. Rach Gia – Tho Chau Route

You can arrive at Rach Gia from Ho Chi Minh City and take the ferry to Tho Chau. However, it would take approximately 16 hours, if you are interested in sightseeing, taking pictures of landscapes it is no longer an issue.

Tho Chu Island

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3. Travel on Tho Chu

This area is still strictly managed by military force, and you have to be aware of the soldiers, ask for permission to take photos, access to the particular area and camping. To travel between destinations, the only option is to rent the motorbike from the local and remember to ask them whether or not those areas are accessible.

IV. Things to do on Tho Chu

1. Bai Ngu

Tho Chu Island

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Bai Ngu is the most glamorous beach on Tho Chu Island, this is also the harbor of the local fishing boats. The spotlight of the beach is its pristine beauty, the turquoise water, along with creamy white sand. There is barely intervention of human beings and also an ideal place to get the tanning skin. 

2. Hon Nhan

The intricate flora and fauna of Tho Chu have brought the most lively Hon Nhan on the Island where thousands of black terns are dwelling. When visiting this spot, you would have an opportunity to witness the life of black terns and their nets. Besides, if you arrive in the afternoon, make sure that you would not miss the sunset.

Tho Chu Island

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3. Tho Chu Lighthouse

Tho Chu lighthouse is at an altitude of 140 meters and the height of the lighthouse is 18 meters. During the day, from the lighthouse, you can enjoy the panorama of the Tho Chu, this is also the place of the local patrols. In the evening, the luminous light of the lighthouse guides the direction for the fishing boats.

4. Hon Xanh

Tho Chu Island

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Hon Xanh is the most favorable area to participate in outdoor activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving. Besides, you could hold a barbecue party. The natural green from the moss on the Island has turned Hon Xanh into the green gem of Tho Chu.

5. One Day Of A Fisherman

Participating in the daily activity of the islanders, get on the boat and enjoy the floating experience on the ocean to understand more about the severe days and also to honor the persistent, hard-working islanders who are fearfulness, willing to against the intensity of nature.

Tho Chu Island

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6. Coral Reefs Watching

The ecology of Tho Chu is diverse as much as famous Phu Quoc, it is estimated that there are more than 90 species of corals on Tho Chu, watching the marines wildlife, along with the vivid colored reefs are highly recommended.

Tho Chu Island

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7. Accommodation On Tho Chu

As I mentioned above, at the moment there is no interference of infrastructure to maintain the integrity of the Island, so the most optimum option is to ask the Islanders for the short-term shelters. On the other hand, to adventurous mindsets, camping outside is the most enjoyable, nature-approaching experience.

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V. What to eat on Tho Chu

The Island still remains its integrity due to little influence of tourism. Therefore, the price of seafood on the Island is reasonable, you could purchase for the party with friends, family. Otherwise, the low-cost price of eateries and diners on the Island is also an option. Some signature dishes could be named such as cuttlefish, tiger prawn, sun-dried anchovy.

VI. About Luxury Travel

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