Is Vietnam Safe for Family with Kids ?

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mui-ne-Is-Vietnam- Safe- for-Family-with-KidsSource: Luxury Travel Vietnam

As a small country lying on the East coast of Pacific Ocean and possessing naturally favorable conditions, Vietnam is a perfect choice for a family holiday. When travelling to Vietnam, visitors will have chance to experience many different kinds of attractions and tours, especially it is safe for your kids. This is really a great chance to strengthen the family’s bond or just simply spend quality time enjoying a new place together away from the bustle and hustle of modern life. Let’s have a look to grasp useful tips to enjoy your Vietnam family trip in the most amazing way.

I. Is Vietnam ideal for kids?

1. Stunning natural landscapes

northern-vietnam-Is-Vietnam- Safe- for-Family-with-KidsSource: Luxury Travel Vietnam

With naturally favorable conditions, Vietnam is known as one of the most attractive tourist destinations in Southeast Asia. When arriving in Vietnam, tourists will have chance to admire many different kinds of destinations from stunning natural landscapes, quaint villages, untouched islets to ancient citadels, colonial structures or war museums.

Additionally, Vietnam’s long coastline in tropical zone is an ideal place for tourists looking for a beach holiday with friends and family. Crystal clear water, white sand stretch, various exciting water activities and fresh seafood will definitely satisfy all visitors coming here for the first time.

Moreover, countryside landscape will definitely amaze your family with peace and pure beauty. Until now, Vietnam is known as an agriculture country, therefore, the rural scenery becomes quite familiar with every foreign tourist. It is certain that if you have a chance to take a visit to Vietnam with your darling family, you will be given a lot of recommendations about countryside tours with many exciting outdoor activities. You can be made sure that Vietnamese rural areas are extremely peaceful, which makes visitors relaxed and comfortable as they put their foot on the land.

2. Ideal weather of the tropical region

hue-Is-Vietnam- Safe- for-Family-with-KidsSource: Luxury Travel Vietnam

Vietnam is divided into three regions with different climate and landscapes. The North in which you can visit Hanoi, Sapa, Ha Giang or Halong Bay experiences the most rainfall in their summer months between June to September. Meanwhile, Central Vietnam like Danang, Hoian and Hue, rainfall happens between October and November. Like the North, the South of Vietnam if you choose Ho Chi Minh City or Vung Tau, please pay attention to the highest rainfall  in June, July, August and September.

Although the monsoon months can sometimes affect your holiday, they benefit you a lot such as fresher air, greener landscapes, cleaner beaches, more available bookings, and especially cheaper expenses. There is no need to book in advance or overcharging as hotels and guesthouses will be not in full mode. And even if you are unable to get a room in your favorite hotel, various alternatives are available.

In each time of year, you could make a visit to different provinces in the wonderful country with your children. In spring, you can book a trip to Hanoi or Ho Chi Minh City to enjoy thoroughly the traditional culture of locals when they are busy with preparation for Tet. There is nothing entertaining for children than observing cultural activities by naked eyes and having opportunities to take part in such meaningful events.

In summer, travelers can choose the magnificent in Central Vietnam like Danang, Hoi An, Hue, Nha Trang. Kids are absolutely attracted by the outstanding beauty of the beaches. Although security teams are always ready for sudden emergencies, you should keep an eye on your children if you let them play on seashores. In each season, Vietnam brings its own prettiness, which makes a strong impression in each visitors’ heart.

3. Honest local people

northern-vietnam-Source: Luxury Travel Vietnam

It is no surprise when you travel to Vietnam, you will be welcomed by the smiles of the locals. They are always willing to answer your questions about their cultures, costumes or even tips and tricks.

They are friendly and can invite you to their houses and enjoy the local meals. Or if your family get lost, don’t worry, just feel free to ask anyone you meet, they will help you.

Vietnamese are all family-oriented and famous for their friendliness. Walking around in Vietnam, you can see that they love kids and always make children feel welcome and safe everywhere: exploring beautiful beaches on the Central Vietnam, playing at theme parks, or just walking around on the pedestrian-only streets on the weekend.

Apart from playing, kids can have an ideal environment of culture learning and adapting just by traveling to different places in Vietnam. This country is soaked with multi-cultures with the existence of 54 ethnic groups. It’s a great opportunity for kids to socialize and experience the unique culture of an exotic nation by playing with local kids coming from different backgrounds, or witnessing the local customs. All of these are programs planned by local authorities and very kid-friendly.

4. The country of peace (politics)

Source: Luxury Travel Vietnam

Parents are recommended to choose safe places for travel, for themselves and for their children, because traveling is possibly a way for children not only to relax but to learn and entertain after school. If children are always anxious about unexpected occurrence, neither they nor parents can enjoy the trip.

Vietnam is well-known for its peace. That’s also the reason why the president of The United States and North Korea chose Vietnam as their venue for their agreement. Many other conferences and competitions are also held in Vietnam due to its stable politics and society.

Vietnam ranks 9th in most safest countries to visit in Asia, and ranks 44th safest country in the world in 2018, according to Touradar. And in fact it is. The single-party regime in Vietnam makes its consensus politics and is able to prevent any internal or external threat. Vietnamese officials are on the same page when talking about national defence against terrorism. Terrorism has never happened in Vietnam.

There is no war or terrorism here, so you will feel really relaxing and peaceful – that’s extremely ideal for a family vacation, right?

5. Tropical fruits and excellent food for kids

My-Tho-Is-Vietnam- Safe- for-Family-with-KidsSource: Luxury Travel Vietnam

The tropical climate not only makes Vietnam weather green, fresh and comfortable, but more importantly produces many different unique tropical fruits and foods for foreigners.

You can taste fresh fruits right on local gardens in Southern Vietnam like Ninh Thuan and buy them as presents.

Different from neighbor countries like Thailand or China which are huge fans of chili and pepper, Vietnam cuisine is more kid-friendly with a very balanced taste and little fat oil. Vietnam’s authentic cuisine is worldwide famous so even your kids are really picky eaters, they can still eat common dishes like Pho, Banh Mi or Bun Cha.

What’s more? Parents’ worry about vitamin and vegetable deprive while traveling can be out of the question. Here in Vietnam, your kids can enjoy fresh and juicy tropical fruits picked by hand right from the garden or drink handmade juice from fruit vendors.

II. Top 5 safest places for your kids in Vietnam.

1. Danang

danang-Is-Vietnam- Safe- for-Family-with-KidsSource: Luxury Travel Vietnam

A lot of things to do in Danang Vietnam, the most livable city of Vietnam, but do not forget to visit My Khe Beach, as one of the must-see destinations in Danang Vietnam. Why? Simply if you want to enjoy fresh air in golden sands, gentle waves, year-round warm water and surrounding coconut palm trees, My Khe is the most amazing choice. The traffic here is very light and safe, excellent accommodation with luxurious resorts, international standard villas are available.

In addition to swimming, tourists can participate in many fun activities like scuba diving and observing coral reefs, regatta, flash mobbing and many more activities in the beach. My Khe beach has something to suit all tastes.  

Watching the sunset and views of Da Nang City is also an enjoyable experience at My Khe. You can enjoy city views without all the noise from here.  You can enjoy abalone, a coastal specialty or try the fresh and delicious shrimps and crabs or the unique taste of cornet fish as well as different kinds of snail. If you are interested in experiencing new things, you can pick one of local food outlets to explore the cuisine of this coastal city. Then you can choose a dish of grilled cuttlefish to enjoy with a beer while enjoying nighttime sea views and the sound of the waves breaking on the shore.

Da Nang is truly blessed with outstanding nature. Apart from My Khe Beach, you should spend some time during your trip to travel to other attractions, such as Son Tra Peninsula, Ba Na Hills Mountain Resort, The Ngu Hanh Son Mount or Hoi An. You will discover uniqueness in every place you come to. So when being in this Danang tailor-made tour, visitors can not admire the beauty of My Khe Beach, but other breathtaking places as well.

2. Phan Thiet

If you are adventure-lover, Phan Thiet is also an attractive cultural tourist destination with a diverse population of Chinese and Cham people along with the unique cuisine from fresh seafood. Beautiful natural landscapes with pristine crystal blue water, graphical wonders, traditional fishing villages and affordable prices are what make Phan Thiet – Mui Ne such an amazing destination with both local and foreign tourists in recent years.

The White Dunes and The Red Dunes

mui-ne-Is-Vietnam- Safe- for-Family-with-KidsSource: Luxury Travel Vietnam

The White Dunes and The Red Dunes with continuously changing shapes are two most amazing geographical wonders of Phan Thiet that no one should ever miss when coming to this pristine land. Sand dunes formed from hundreds of thousands of years of geological tectonics stretch with many different colors.

You can begin the journey from the White Sand Hills to admire how the sand dunes change the shape according to the sea breeze. Then you can hire a terrain vehicle to run up the hill to enjoy the wind, or see the romantic sunrise and sunset with your lovers. One of the most popular routes is to follow the Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien) and enjoy the cool water after the heat like the desert of sand dunes. The journey starts from the beach, through the trees, through the strange stone blocks to Suoi Tien. If possible, it is better to choose the end of day at Mui Ne Hill and watch the sunset on the sand.

But the most exciting part is in the Red Sand Dunes – Sand Sliding. Let’s rent a plastic sheet from the children, climb up high and slide down from the top of the hill.

Mui Ne Beach

mui-ne-mui-ne-Is-Vietnam- Safe- for-Family-with-KidsSource: Luxury Travel Vietnam

Located in Phan Thiet, Mui Ne is one of the most famous beaches in Vietnam for its spectacular bright red sand dunes where we can sled down on bits of cardboard to have great fun as well. The wind can pick up on the beach in the afternoon, the breeze is great but you can end getting sand blasted on the beach in the morning.

Other attractions

Is-Vietnam- Safe- for-Family-with-KidsSource: Luxury Travel Vietnam

Lots of beautiful spots in Mui Ne are waiting for tourists such as Ca Na Beach, Fairy Springs with many different local wildlife (birds, crabs, fish, frogs or many exotic flowers), Fish Sauce Plants, Phan Thiet Water Tower and Takou Mountain covered by beautiful tropical rainforest and an old pagoda on top of the mountain, PoShaNu Cham Tower – a relic of Cham culture built in the 8th century.

A lot of exciting activities are waiting for us to explore, right? Let’s try now!

3. Nha Trang

The first names on the list of top must-see beaches in Vietnam are Nha Trang beaches. If you are looking for a beach to spend your family holiday at, do not miss Nha Trang Beach – A heaven of a beach with a long coastline, white sand, and blue water, which gives tourists an amazing and relaxing feeling at first sight.

What to see in Nha Trang?

The heaven of beaches

Source: Luxury Travel Vietnam

Known as the Riviera of the South China Sea, Nha Trang boasts a six-km stretch of beautiful coastline along with the white sandy beaches and blue water. I highly recommend this place for those wishing to escape the often overcrowded city. Some outstanding beaches are Tran Phu beach and Hon Chong beach, Bai Tru Beach, Bai Dai beach, Nhu Tien beach. One of the most favorable beaches is Doc Let with a lot of palm trees and fishing boats offshore as well as the image of white salt mountains and locals carrying heavy baskets across the fields. Actually, Doc Let beach seems to be primitive and squeaking under foot as you walk in soft sand will be a perfect escape.

Vinpearl Land

Vinpearl-Land-Is-Vietnam- Safe- for-Family-with-KidsSource: Luxury Travel Vietnam

The main attraction will be Vinpearl Land, the pearl of the ocean queen’s crown, offering a marvelous scene and excellent services where the whole family can take part in many different exciting water sports together.

Po Naga Cham towers

Po-Ngar-Cham-Towers-Is-Vietnam- Safe- for-Family-with-KidsSource: Luxury Travel Vietnam

Another ideal destination is Po Naga Cham towers, which represent the Cham ethic, are older than 1200 years, perfect for taking photos. Other interesting places are Po Nagar Cham Towers, Oceanographic Museum of Vietnam and the list goes on. When coming here, children can learn something about the culture and history of Vietnam, which can enlarge their knowledge and help them gain a deeper understanding about another culture.

4. Hoian

hoian-Source: Luxury Travel Vietnam

It is no surprise when Hoian, the most beautiful gem of Vietnam is on the list of must-see destinations when coming to this beautiful country. Being one of the oldest cities in the country, Hoian attracts thousands and millions of tourists every year for its unique architectures, ancient streets perfectly dotted with unobtrusive street vendors in their Vietnamese silk pajamas. It is also the best place for foreigners to get deeper understanding about Vietnamese lives, tradition and customs.

Hoian is not just famous for its ancient beauty and beautiful landscapes recognized many times worldwide, but also for its authentic cuisine as one of the 25 most attractive destinations for foodies around the world. Do not forget that you are in a heaven of street food. Trying street food will bring you an interesting and unforgettable experience and here are top 4 most popular and favorable dishes that you must eat when landing on this lovely city – Cao lau – Hoian’s signature dish, Hoian Chicken Rice – Com Ga Hoi An, White Rose in Hoian and Quang Noodle – Mi Quang.

5. Halong Bay

nhatrang-Is-Vietnam- Safe- for-Family-with-KidsSource: Luxury Travel Vietnam

Twice recognized as World Heritage Site of the outstanding, universal aesthetic value as well as amazing geological and geomorphological value by UNESCO, and especially one of New 7 Natural Wonders in 2012, Halong Bay is one of the most attractive destinations in the Northern Vietnam. Economic development and the globalization enable more and more visitors coming to Halong Bay, which significantly promotes Vietnamese people and our natural beauty to foreigners. Therefore, a huge number of Halong Bay tours are available, and that is why we are here to give you some great tips to enjoy your trip in our attraction in the most convenient way.

And the best way to experience this amazing bay is on a Halong Bay cruise. Surprisingly, Halong Bay tours are considered as the best tours in Vietnam as its high quality and reasonable prices. You have two major choices: luxury cruises and budget and mid-range cruises. For luxury choice, you will pay to get experience of admiring the World Heritage Site on five-star amenities, from a swanky sun-lounger while watching the sun set over a vista of craggy jungle-topped islands. It costs about $220 for an overnight trip. Famous islands, almost whole famous landscapes of Halong Bay, such as Dau Go Cave (Hang Đầu Gỗ), Tuan Chau Island (Đảo Tuần Châu), and so on will be the eye from the seaplane.

They are a lot of different activities for your family: sleep , swim & sunbathe in Halong Bay, do kayaking to discover hidden grottos and caves, visiting floating villages to explore features of the daily life of Halong Bay locals, and especially viewing Halong Bay from seaplane.

III. Safe tours for your children – Luxury Travel

There are a lot of choices for summer vacation in Vietnam, right? However, if you are still worrying about your children, let Luxury Travel plan your trip and give you tips to explore these destinations comfortably and amazingly. For more information or guides, visit us.

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