5 Tips for solo female Travellers to have a great holiday in Southeast Asia

by Huyen Nguyen
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Solo female travel is on the rise, with travel has become more accessible, affordable, and arguably safer than before. These are reasons why Southeast Asia is one of the ideal spots for female travellers recently. And if you want to have a great holiday in Southeast Asia, here are the secret you do not miss

1. Look up the Country’s Traditions/Customs Before You Go
When traveling to a new country for the first time, it pays to look up any local customs or traditions before you arrive. Otherwise, you could end up in an awkward situation where you accidentally end up offending the locals without even realising it. In Laos, for example, you should refrain from taking pictures of monks. Don’t bear your teeth at monkeys in Indonesia, which is seen as a sign of aggression, and try not to expose any tattoos in Myanmar, particularly any religious or spiritual designs, as this can see you prosecuted. Mostly, it’s a case of common sense prevails, be respectful of your surroundings and the people and you should be fine.

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2. Make Sure your Phone is Unlocked Before You Go – Local Sim Cards are Super Handy
Whilst it’s not essential, I found it super handy to travel with an unlocked phone. This means that every time you land somewhere new, no matter where it is, you can purchase a local sim card and have all the call time and data you need within minutes. I try not to be on my phone too much when travelling in order to soak up my experiences, but you never know when you might need Google Maps, to WhatsApp someone, or to take that all-important Insta story. Wi-Fi can be limited in some countries in Southeast Asia, so I saw this as additional peace of mind.

3. Dress Appropriately for the Country or Situation
As with researching customs and traditions before visiting a new country, it’s wise to adhere to any dress codes and advice while you travel too. Malaysia, for example, is largely a Muslim country – so respect your surroundings and cover up where possible. If it’s boiling hot, sticky, and humid, which it often is, I’d recommend loose and floaty shirts and midi-length skirts, while a thin, floral shawl will be your new best friend. This essential item is also super useful for visiting temples anywhere in Southeast Asia where you’ll need to have your shoulders covered, although you can pick up beautifully intricate, embroidered versions from local markets as cheap as chips.

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4. Stay local, buy local, meet locals.
By planning well you will have a better understanding of how to be supportive of the local economy. Buy local crafts, eat local food, stay in locally-owned accommodation. This is the best way to help you to have authentic experiences from your trip. The local people in Southeast Asia are very friendly. Each country has different cultures you can learn through the local people here.

5. Plan your holiday well with the travel experts in Southeast Asia

A well-organized trip will be very important to help you to have a great trip in Southeast Asia. It’s easy for you to book hotels, tours in Southeast Asia online. However, if you are busy, you may find a quality travel company to tailor-made holiday for you.  For solo travellers, your time is very flexible during your trip. You may need some advice from your experts to have a private holiday for you. However, they also have some sharing tours. This will be a not bad idea if you have some itinerary for meeting others at sharing tours.

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