Con Dao for Vietnam Luxury Vacation Packages

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Having a luxury Vacation in Vietnam is now easy and now just a booking away you will get more than you expected, there are all sorts of luxury facilities, resorts and services all around this magical destination, Con Dao Island is an archipelago of 16 islands located in the southeastern mountains of Vietnam and some 230 kilometers from Ho Chi Minh City in southern country from where you can get a short 45 minute flight to Co Ong in the main island, The island is known for its dark past because of its remoteness, the French use Con Son Island (the largest in the Island) to maintain the anti-colonial protesters and the prisoners.

The islands offer an outdoors escapes, taking you from the noise, pollution and the busy life in Saigon to the crystal clear beaches with a very romantic and peaceful atmosphere. With 16 islands as Lon, Hon Bay Canh, Hon Cau, Hon Trung, Hon Vung, Hon Ngoc, Holiday makers have said that Con Dao is as attractive as Halong Bay in the north of Vietnam.

The island is also famous for its beautiful beaches shaded with evergreen trees, fresh air, pristine and primeval forests. Some of those beaches are Dam Trau, Hang Duong and Phi Yen where visitors can relax and get drenched at the warm and tropical weather. Very healthy sand beaches, azore sea, dolphins jumping and running after boats, tropical almond trees swaying in the cool sea breeze, peaceful narrow streets and the forest that covers most of the island, everything makes Con Dao Apparently heaven for visitors from everywhere to come and enjoy a Vietnam luxury vacation packages.

When to Visit Con Dao Islands

The best time to travel to the Con Dao Island is from March to June, when the sea is calm. Some of those beaches are Dam Trau, Hang Duong and Phi Yen where visitors can relax and enjoy the warm weather. The sea around the island of Con Dao is a haven for marine life and the splendid forest soil layers. This is ecotourism at its best. If you take a all inclusive Vietnam vacation packages then you can take a tour to visit the islands ecosystem and National Park with the same name, as Hon Bay Canh, Hon Tai, Hon Tre, Hon Trung Trac and Hon Cau Hon. They are home to 285 plant species and over 100 endemic birds and mammals, such as squirrels Finlayson, swifts and turtles.. In the Con Dao National Park, archaeologists have also found remains of Neolithic (about 3000 years old) and tombs of the late Sa Huynh from Cham culture dating back to about 2000 ago.

Vietnam Luxury vacation packages in Con Dao Islands

Con Dao for Vietnam Luxury Vacation Packages

Changes has made Con Dao an ideal island for a luxury vacation in Vietnam , the rainy season lasts from June to September and from September to October, the island experience the hottest months, almost all of the visitors to the island are holiday makers that coming through the organized Vietnam packages tours . There are luxury resorts and beach front villas in Con Dao that makes your stay chic and high class, book in advance to get the best possible deal and is strongly advised to visit the Con Dao Island through the organized packages tours.

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