How to make your honeymoon trip perfect in Vietnam and Cambodia?

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Vietnam and Cambodia are currently extremely hot destinations for not only for families but also for young couples, especially those who have just got married. Families visit Vietnam and Cambodia for exploration and relaxation. Groups of friends come there to admire the beauty of natural and cultural elements as well as challenge themselves by taking an adventure tour.

Meanwhile, honeymooners are now hungry for a super-romantic couple holiday with their special companions. They want to refresh and make the relationship better. They also may desire to uncover the beauty of the two neighboring countries. Vietnam and Cambodia, therefore, are the ideal countries that can suit your demand and expectation.

However, to make the honeymoon trip perfect, what should you take into consideration? Let’s be with us to discover the things that can make your holiday wonderful in Vietnam and Cambodia. To ensure that everything is on the right track, you should make a list of indispensable things during your trip.

1. Consider the weather condition during the vacation

Unlike other adjacent countries, the weather in Vietnam runs diversely. In the north of Vietnam, the climate is annually suitable for tourism. If you plan to spend your honeymoon trip in this area, the perfect time will be from January to June, when the weather is dry and sunny enough for you to visit different places and try different activities.

The weather in the middle of Vietnam has been convenient for relaxing activities almost every time of the year, except for the stormy season (from July to November). From January to April, the temperatures are more pleasant, vacillating from 16 to 23 Celsius degrees. Meanwhile, southern Vietnam has created a good chance for the travelers as the climate are distinctively separated into dry (November to April) and wet (May to October). Therefore, if you want to go through Vietnam with your partners, the best time that you can choose is from January to May.

Conversely, Cambodia is one of the countries owning the simplest weather condition in Southeast Asia. There are only two seasons during the year: wet season (Early/Mid May – October) and dry season (October – April/Early May). The temperature is quite stable during the two seasons, so tourists do not have to worry too much about their plans.

In case you want more information about your honeymoon trip, please take the advice of the local experts.

2. Make a list of ideal destinations in Vietnam and Cambodia

It is extremely important for couples to come into agreement about where they would spend their honeymoon vacation together. As the places of romance and relaxation, Vietnam and Cambodia offer you a range of ideal destinations. After busy and tired days preparing for the wedding, the couples really want to find a place to enjoy themselves. There are couples who either love the peace of the countryside in Vietnam and Cambodia or desire to stay in a private area, where everything is perfect for a truly relaxing vacation. Therefore, those following destinations will be the recommendations for you.

a. Hoi An Ancient town

hoi an honeymoon perfect vietnam cambodia

Hoi An | Source: Lux Travel DMC

Hoi An is famous for its ancient architecture and the slow path of life. There are a lot of old but beautiful constructions, creating a nostalgic significance for the whole town. Couples when attending there can choose to enjoy their honeymoon trip by staying in a  place, walking along Hoi An Riverside, joining some private cooking classes, pampering themselves in the comfort and relaxation of five-star spa service or even grasp all the beauty of the surrounding Hoi An by taking a private Eco-tour.

b. Dalat – City of Eternal Spring

dalat honeymoon perfect vietnam cambodia 2019

Dalat | Source: Lux Travel DMC

Located in the south central highland of Vietnam, Dalat has owned one of the best weather condition for tourism all over the year. Couples often go there to experience new things together, such as visiting a range of garden there and admiring the beauty of different kinds of flowers, wandering Xuan Huong lake and witnessing other couples taking photographs for their wedding days. Everyday silently and peacefully flows with the happiness and satisfaction of the two people spending their time in Dalat during their honeymoon.

c. Koh Rong Samloem – Private space for honeymooners

If you enjoy being in a real private place, Koh Rong Samloem is a perfect choice. Located in the untouched Koh Rong Island, this place brings a brand-new atmosphere for young couples. Everything is peaceful and convenient enough for a planned getaway after wedding days. The couple holiday will become incredible when you visit this attraction during the summer time. Hand in hand, you are walking under the long fresh lines of palm trees, admiring the majestic beauty of the beach, trying water sport and discovering the marine life by diving together. You can also consider the option of celebrating a romantic dinner right on the beach to mark this memorable stage of your life.

Those are just the recommended places that you should spend your honeymoon trip. If you find out other places that you desire to go, feel free to design your own holiday.

3. Be willing to try different types of experience

sapa honeymoon perfect vietnam cambodia

Sapa | Source: Lux Travel DMC

A honeymoon trip should be special in its own way. No matter what their hobbies are, trying new things is worth for them during their honeymoon vacation.

Before the trip, don’t forget to make a discussion with your wife/husband about how to experience your couple holiday in the worthiest way you can do. It could be a simple getaway, just staying somewhere and going around that place. It could also be a special thing. If you love traveling and exploring the magnificence of nature, let’s try a transnational adventure tour through Vietnam and Cambodia. You can challenge yourselves by go trekking to Sapa, then go to Halong Bay, Hue, or Ho Chi Minh City.  

hue honeymoon perfect vietnam cambodia

Hue | Source: Lux Travel DMC

Or else, you can choose to spend your honeymoon on a sightseeing tour around the two countries, wandering the simple beauty of the natural scenery, and typical construction and enjoying the moment going and coming together.

There is another special way to exploit your honeymoon. If you want to combine self-learning with enjoyment with your partner, you can book a culture tour, which comprises the diversity of cultural specialties from various peoples, groups, and areas all over Vietnam and Cambodia.

4. Make use of local experts’ instruction and recommendation

honeymoon honeymoon perfect vietnam cambodia

Honeymoon | Source: Photo by pasja1000 (Pixabay License)

Every time coming to a new country, you are advised to take the suggestion from the local, who have already been familiar with anything in their nations. Therefore, during your trip, you can get rid of troubles or any unexpected problems.

As the local travel experts, we give you some of the noticeable things:

Firstly, before the trip, you should remember to research specifically the place that you intend to go and your accommodations. There are a lot of things that depend so much on the place that you will stay. You must consider it in case it might affect both you and your partner in a positive or negative way. Besides, choosing a good accommodation is a convenient way to boost the satisfaction of the trip. You can choose to stay in a luxurious hotel or resort, where you and your wife/husband can refresh and relax and enjoy their best services.

What would be more wonderful than staying in high-end accommodations, indulging yourselves in the spa and therapy treatment, and spending a romantic night with each other? You and your partner only want to be happy at that time, right? So, take note of this point. Get review from others and from the internet.

honeymoon honeymoon perfect vietnam cambodia

Honeymoon | Source: Photo by scottwebb (Pixabay License)

Secondly, you should also conduct an online survey about the custom and taboos of Vietnam and Cambodia, so that during your honeymoon journey, you would not get any disruption from the local residents. It is also good for you to avoid any unpredictable situations.

If you want to take more specific advice from the local experts, please leave here a message and they will be your productive assistants.

5. Special tips for a private honeymoon trip

halong honeymoon perfect vietnam cambodia

Halong Bay | Source: Lux Travel DMC

In order to fulfill your honeymoon trip, we are here to bring you some special tips that you can apply during your enjoyment with your partners.

Initially, the honeymoon means something private, you definitely don’t want anyone to bother your own space. Therefore, you should search and identify some of the honeymoon packages that are privatized and served only for 2 people. For example, if you include Halong Bay in your honeymoon itinerary, you should ask the local travel agency for luxurious private transportation like a Limousine or other similar means. In addition, as we have mentioned before, if you specially design your trip as a personal and private tour, do exclude the bustling and busy hot attractions, as they might cause you some trouble in terms of traveling, resting, and enjoyment.

Arrange and make reservations for all the available accommodations where you intend to stay. In case the peak season is right at the time you take your honeymoon vacation, be aware of the booking procedure. Moreover, it is better for you to take the guidance of local experts. They will assist you to pick up the most suitable resorts or hotels. Or else, you just simply had better book an all-inclusive tour package for being worry-free.

Then, you should also draw a list of activities that both of you are going to do during the vacation. It may comprise of spa indulgent, couple cycling and wandering to enjoy the beautiful moment of the natural scenery and admiring the sunrise on the beach. To get full use of the trip to Vietnam and Cambodia, you might consider a high-end cruise tour. There come luxurious services, fantastic views of sight, and a huge private space for only the couple. What is more meaningful than spending all day satisfying the eyes, hand in hand standing in front of the majestic nature, and together spend over the nicest time in your lives?

As you might wonder, is there any local agency which is holding special personal parties or celebrations for young couples? The answer is Yes. You can absolutely find out a bunch of companies offering romantic honeymoon parties for their guests. Among all, we would recommend you to spend a worthy night on Emperor Cruise. Here, you can freely ask the staff for special requirements and even for an all-self-requested party to make your partner surprised and extremely happy. Candles, wine, Eastern food, and the two main characters in the party, all in one create the best experience for you and your wife/husband.

Furthermore, if you are looking for fascinating ideas about how to make your couple’s holiday perfect and private, you can take other previous couples’ first-hand honeymoons for reference. However, never totally copy their ideas, because the honeymoon is yours, not theirs. If you have any interesting plans or ideas, feel free to contact us, and we will give you the most enthusiastic recommendation and suggestions.

If you want your holiday to be as comfortable as you expected, just leave yourselves some days off before the trip. During that time, you can make a plan, buy necessary things, prepare luggage or spend your time with your partner and relax after those busy and exhausting days.

Those are all the things that we recommended you take into consideration. The rest, it’s up to you! Let’s make your honeymoon trip incredible and worth remembering!

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